Once you have found a property you would like to buy, one of the first things you should do is have a pre-purchase pest inspection made especially on the Gold Coast. This is because the Gold Coast is not only a wonderful place for people to live, but pests like it too. Often it’s not possible to see if there are pests in or around a property as most sellers, understandably spend a bit of time ensuring the property looks its best when trying to sell and may have made some cosmetic changes that may hide the presence of pests.

During a pre-purchase pest inspection on the Gold Coast and trace of pests of any type will be discovered, including any sign of past pest problems so you will know before you make a final offer or sign up to purchase a property all the details regarding threats from pests.

There would be nothing worse that after buying your dream home to find that you have pest problems or that your property has been damaged by termites and needs substantial repairs. All of this can be avoided by having a relatively inexpensive pre-purchase pest inspection on any property on the Gold Coast you’re interested in purchasing.

The advantages of having a pre-purchase pest inspection on the Gold Coast

  • Knowing what you’re buying

As buying a property is a huge investment, it’s vital you know all the details of that property, especially if it’s compromised by having a pest problem

  • Increasing your bargaining power

When you’re armed with all the facts about a building it makes negotiating a better price easier. Just because a property has a pest problem does not necessarily mean you should avoid it. You may find you can demand a much better price considering the cost involved in pest removal and any subsequent repair that may be necessary

  • Termites

Termites are the most destructive and most common pests on the gold Coast, so with a pre-purchase pest inspection you will not have to worry that you’re buying a huge termite colony with your new home. Your inspection company’s very experienced technicians will do a thorough visual and thermal inspection to give you peace of mind

  • Other pests

There are many other pests on the Gold Coast that may not be as destructive as termites, but they can be very hard to get rid of such as fire ants, cockroaches and bed bugs. These and other pests such as scorpions and poisonous spiders can make life very unpleasant for the inhabitants of a home. Your Gold Coast pre-purchase pest inspection will bring any of these problems to your attention to help you make the right choice when contemplating buying a property or new home

  • Easier finance

Many lenders now require a full pest inspection on all properties before they will consider lending on them so by having a pre-purchase pest inspection, you can make finding the right lender easier and save time as well as costs


Having pre-purchase pest inspections on Gold Coast properties you’re interested in is a sensible way to eliminate potential problem properties as well as a good way to find properties that may have a problem so are less attractive to other buyers allowing you to find a bargain or get a substantial reduction because of pests.