Whenever you’re thinking of buying a property you need to know all the details of the property from where the boundaries are to having a pre-purchase pest inspection done, especially on the Gold Coast as this area is well known to have insect and other types of pest problems in buildings.

When you purchase a property it’s usually one of the largest and most important financial decisions you’re likely to make. The last thing you need after you take possession is to find you’re faced with pest infestations. These could not only be expensive to properly rectify, but could have caused cosmetic or even structural damage, making your new property unpleasant and dangerous to live in.

The main reasons that it’s important to get pre-purchase pest inspections completed before you buy a property on The Gold Coast:

  • Ensuring the property is sound

Having a pre-purchase pest inspection ensures that the property you wish to buy does not have any past or present pest issues. Termites can invade a property and the seller or real estate agent may or may not be aware that they are there. Having a professional pest report ensures that this is not an issue

Price Negotiation

By knowing about any issues from pests you are in a much better passion to negotiate on the price with the owners or real estate agents

  • Knowing about Damage and the Costs to Rectify

Pests can be annoying and they can also cause substantial damage that may have been covered over to hide it and encourage prospective buyers. Often these types of repairs are only cosmetic and very hard to find for the untrained eye. A professional pest inspector knows most of the tricks used and can quickly point out any areas that need to be brought to a prospective buyer’s attention

  • Knowing the Cost of any Repairs

Once any pest related damage has been identified during or after pre purchase pest inspections on the Gold Coast, you can get quotes for the cost of doing any required repairs before you sign the contract

  • Identify future Remedial Work

Even though there may be no evidence of present or past pest problems, an experienced pest inspector will advise on precautions that should be made to ensure that you will not have pest problems in the future

  • Fare Comparison

Having all the facts such as pre-purchase pest inspections done on the Gold Coast makes it much easier to make comparisons between different properties you’re interested in so you can be sure you’re making the right decisions

  • Peace of Mind

When you do know the true condition of a property, it takes away the guess work and lowers the stress levels, giving you peace of mind knowing you are making the right move

There is no doubt that buying a property can be very stressful, especially if you’re not confident in checking all the details yourself. By having professional pre purchase pest inspections done on any Gold Coast properties you may be interested in buying, you will not only know that they are pest free, but also that there is no preexisting damage that was caused because of previous pet problems.