If you are living on The Gold Coast and either own your home or are looking to buy, you need to be aware of the pest control process and how it can make you life easier and stress free. The Gold Coast is famous for its golden beaches and holiday feel but lying underneath this holiday haven is the nasty termite, with 1 in every 3 houses suffering from these hungry hungry wood eaters. Termites aren’t the only pests that you need to worry about, with many other little critters who are looking to call you house their home.


The Pest Control Process

If you have started to notice the lines of ants marching up your walls you are well past time to book a pest control service. The team at Top Gog are experts in pest control on The Gold Coast and they will ensure that any creepy crawlies that you have in your home will be eradicated. When you technician turns up to spray your home you can expect this process or something very similar.



Every good technician will firstly talk to you and find out what pests you are seeing and also the places on your property where you are seeing them. This discussion is particularly important as will shape the types of service they do and if they need to anything out of the ordinary for your service. Here is the place they will ask you to keep any pets out of the way for the duration of the service, whist most applications won’t have any adverse effects to pets it is good to keep them out of the way of the technician.


Thorough Inspection and Service.

The technician will perform a thorough inspection both inside and outside your property to see if they can find any abnormalities or areas of concern. They will be looking over all entry points:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Pipes
  • Garages
  • Crawlspaces


Outside Inspection

A thorough inspection of your outdoor areas, Yards, decks, pool areas etc will help them to determine any areas for future concern.


Moisture Inspection

One of the most important inspections is for moisture, moisture is not only bad from a structural perspective for your property it is also a main attractant for pests. For example, Termites are not drawn just to the wood in someone home, they are generally looking for water and your property either gets in the way or has a nice source of moisture for them.



When you technician is finished the service, they will take you through what they have done and where they found the most issues or concerns. Here they will voice any thoughts they have on future services or requirements.


Top Dog Pest Control on The Gold Coast have years of experience in keeping homes pest and rodent free. Their honest technicians will tell you the truth and only service your home to the level is requires. Speak to the team at Top Dog for all your pest control needs on The Gold Coast.