Having a regular termite inspection on The Gold Coast is vital to protect your property if it contains any form of wood, anywhere at all. Even cement block and steel framed homes will not protect your contents from the advances of the mighty termite if they contain any wood.

They may be small, but they come in the millions. Some varieties such as Schedorhinotermes intermedius are very difficult to control termite that has now become the most common termite on The Gold Coast lives in a colony with sub colonies spread over a very wide area.

Because of their lifestyle, it can be almost impossible to destroy the whole termite colony. This means proper regular termite inspections on The Gold Coast are required and a proper management system is required to control them.

It’s vital to have a regular termite inspection on your Gold Coast property and to determine exactly which termites you have so that the correct termite management system can be used to control or remove them. What works well with one variety, may just cause another type to move to a different part of your property.

Coptotermes acinaciformis

This variety of termite is regularly encounter and is one of the most destructive termite on The Gold Coast. It usually has around a million individual termites in each colony and can, in just a few months, cause significant and extremely expensive damage to buildings. Fortunately, they are one of the easiest verities of termite to control or destroy because of their lifestyle, by professional pest controllers.


This species of termites usually live in mounds on the ground or in trees. Their colony is not as destructive as other verities and they are relatively easy to control by experienced termite inspectors on the Gold Coast


This species will not destroy property as quickly as the other verities and tend to have much smaller colonies. If disturbed they will often move elsewhere, but they have been known to reuse other verities tunnels and mud tubes when they have been eliminated.

Mastotrmes darwiniensis

Also known as the Great Northern Termite found in Townsville, The Territory and WA has been found recently in The Gold Coast Hinterland. This variety is the world’s most destructive termite and can destroy a timber house in a few months which emphasizes the importance of regular termite inspections on the Gold Coast.

Drywood Termites

These termites live in drywood and can remain undetected in structural timbers until they cause a building to collapse. It’s important to find them early and eliminate them.

The West Indian Drywood Termites

This invasive species of termites often has sub colonies making it very hard to detect and destroy.

A proper professional termite inspection on all Gold Coast properties is a necessity because of the threat of termite invasion. A proper termite management protocol needs to be put in place to protect your property.