There are a few things more important than location, such as price and the condition of the building. It’s vital you have pre-purchase inspections done on the Gold Coast to ensure you are making a sound investment.

Pre-purchase Building Inspection

A pre-purchase building inspection will tell you if the property has any major structural defects which could affect the property’s value or safety so you can make an informed decision with negotiations.

A Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

A pre-purchase pest inspection tells you of any issues with pests of any type, including termites, borers, timber decay, mould and fungi. This allows you to negotiate a price accordingly before you commit yourself.

Termite damage in most cases, until it becomes excessive, is hidden inside walls and under the floors, so that the average person would miss them when doing a visual inspection. Often it takes a highly trained and experienced technician to ensure there are no traces of termites and other pests in or around your home.

Make sure you use a licensed and accredited timber pest inspector to examine your property. You will be able to be present during the inspection so you can discuss any findings directly with the inspector who will advise you on what needs to be done in the event of any pests being discovered.

You will also get a detailed written report in plain, easy to understand English on the full condition of the property, with photos, including any evidence of pest presence in the past as well as things that are needed to be done to ensure the property remains safe in the future.

Often it is best to get your inspections done by an independent company and not go with the cheapest company or one recommended by a land agent. Often these are chosen by the land agent because they are acting for the seller and not you so wish to have the property shown in the best possible light, not risk a lower price and therefore a lower commission or the possibility of losing the sale.

Joint Building and Pest Inspections

If you’re considering a joint building and pest inspection, be sure that the inspector is adequately qualified and experienced in both areas as although they are similar roles, they are actually very different. It may save time and a few hundred dollars, but when you consider this you are about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property, is it worth risking it for a few hundred dollars.

Australian Standards AS 4349 1.

All inspections need to be carried out in accordance with Australian standards. If there are any areas in a building that an inspector cannot access because it’s blocked by furniture or barriers to hide any condition they will be aware of these tricks and request another inspection on your behalf so they can finish their report.

When having pre-purchase inspections on the Gold Coast, the inspector should inspect each room, the under floor area, ceiling and roof voids. Each piece of timber and each area needs to be inspected as well as outhouses, fences and trees up to about 30 meters from the building. Your inspector will be looking for signs of infestation as well as drainage issues, water leaks, ventilation and construction issues that could encourage pests.