The common drone has been thrust upon an unsuspecting public and is quickly growing in numbers and overtaking our skies and invading our privacy. Anyone who lives near a beach can attest to the nuisance value of this remote-controlled locust and on any given weekend their numbers can dwarf actual birds in the sky. It would now seem that the most coveted position on the beach is one of unobstructed line of sight to the mechanical minion that is doing their “pilots” bidding.

But what if we were to use this technical wonder for good?

Top Dog Pest Control is one such company that has been able to harness all the positive aspects of the drone and use it for the good of humanity. Expert pilots will use the drone to give you and your home the most thorough pest inspection it will ever have.

Here are some of the benefits of using drones for pest control inspections.

  • Safety

With Australian standards not allowing permission to rooftops over 3.6mts, let the drone do all the hard work and send it into the breach. For years Pest Controllers have taken their lives into their hands by scaling walls and roofs, squeezing into nooks and crannies that lesser men would fear to venture. Ladders, scaffolds, harnesses and ropes are a thing of the past as the inspector’s feet stay firmly on the ground and insurance premiums stay the same. Not to mention the cost to hire a scaffold can be in excess of $1,500.

  • Instant Comparisons

You can instantly compare old photos and video footage in real time while the drone is in the air. The ability to give instant feedback to the customer and explain what the next steps are speeds the inspection and subsequent treatment. In the past there has been no point of reference for the inspector and the customer, a lot can change in 12 months between services. Take all the guesswork out and use real time footage that can identify the problem pest and see the damage it is causing.

  • Go where no man/woman can go

Prior to using drones for pest inspection there was a lot of time wasted with inspectors trying to gain access to difficult to reach areas. By using the drone, we have complete and instant access to those areas that in the past humans couldn’t reach. The safety of the inspectors is paramount but by using the drone it lessens the need for our inspectors to walk across roof and cause damage.

The benefits of using drones for pest control are many and varied and whilst we are performing your drone pest inspection we can also be looking for –

  • Cracked Roof Tiles
  • Rusted and /or damaged colourbond roof.
  • Block and/or rusted gutters and flashing.
  • Damaged gable linings and cladding.
  • Dirty and/or damaged solar panels.
  • Valleys of the roof that are covered in debris.

Once harnessed for good there is very little doubt that the drone can be an extremely important asset to society. Using a drome for your home pest inspection is the only way to be sure that you get the most comprehensive report available, saving you money and possible heart ache along the way.