In Queensland, there are a large number of unique mammals, insect and bugs, they are all part of the diversity of our wonderful state and like us enjoy the mild semi-tropical climate. Many of these native animals are relatively harmless, although they can be annoying when they enter our homes and unfortunately, some are destructive, so it’s advisable to have regular building and pest inspections on your Gold Coast properties.

These are some of the common destructive pests found around our properties:

  • Ants

There are over 1,300 varieties of ants commonly found in Queensland, the majority being harmless and more of a nuisance around our properties than anything else, although some can deliver a nasty bite and others are known to carry or spread disease. Several varieties like to build huge nests that can damage property as they grow and there are a few types that like to destroy electrical wiring and other plastics such as switches and water pipes. Ants are very hard to control because of their size determination and huge numbers in most colonies

  • Termites

There are over 300 species of termites found all around Australia; the most common and damaging in Queensland is the native Coptotermes genus. There are other species that will also attack the woodwork around your property. It’s estimated that one in three homes in Queensland will be damaged by termites without properly preventative treatment so having regular building and pest inspections on the Gold Coast is a very sensible precaution that could save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Termites cause over $700 million worth of damage to Australian homes each year. Each an individual termite can lay 2,000 eggs, so it doesn’t take them long to build a very large wood devouring colony that can quickly destroy a property and home. Even if your home is concrete any timber or woodwork that’s not treated is at risk

  • Bees and wasps

Australia is home to 1,500 species of native bees that are vital to the Queensland ecosystem, but can cause problems if they nest inside homes or around your property. The mud wasp, paper wasp and European wasp cause the most damage and cause the greatest danger from stings.

Wasps can infest walls and ceiling areas, block pipes, damage electrical fittings and fuse boxes in nests that can have up to 20,000 individuals. The most common types of wasps around Queensland are the yellow jacket wasp, the English wasp and the European wasp, they are great at stinging and build saliva and chewed wood pulp nests

  • Rodents

Mice and the common type’s of rat found in Queensland were introduced by the first European settlers. These animals can spread disease and chew their way through timber walls and floors to find food and shelter. They will squeeze through very small openings and wreak havoc anywhere they are allowed to settle. Black rats can produce 10 young up to 6 times a year with their offspring taking only six weeks to become sexually mature and start breeding.

Nature is wonderful and gives Queensland a huge diversity of life, but when nature’s creatures come inside, they can cause health complications and destruction so to protect your property and family have regular building and pest inspections on your Gold Coast properties.