Having rodents around your property and in your home is a problem that most people in Queensland will experience at some stage.  Pest inspection services on the Gold Coast has these top tips to help you control this problem:

Understand what Rodents want

When you understand what rodents want when they enter your home it makes it easier to eliminate them. What they want is almost the same as people; they want food, water, shelter, warmth and security

To beat rodents you need to deny them the basic necessities so they will not be interested in your home or property. Laying down poison can work to kill the rodents you have right now, but they will quickly be replaced by others and do you really want poison around your place to affect children, pets and other wildlife in your environment.

By being proactive you stay a few steps ahead of any rodent and put them off entering your space. Rodents are opportunists and will look for easy places; with all the comforts they need so:

  • Good Rubbish Management

Look after your rubbish properly; good rubbish bin management is essential. Place all rodent edible rubbish in bins that have sealable lids so that rodents cannot enter as your rubbish is like a free banquet to them and very attractive according to leading pest inspection services on the Gold Coast

  • Keep Your Outdoor Areas Clean and Clear

Debris, weeds, uncut lawns and leaves all appear like a free cash and carry store to rodents. A messy, overgrown outdoors provides food, shelter and nest building materials for rodents. Rodents are excellent climbers and will use any foliage that touches your home to climb and gain access. Make sure you don’t provide a pathway to your attic

  • Remove or seal any outside water sources

A rat will require at least 60 milliliters of water each day to survive. Ensure there are no leaky or dripping taps or water connections and vermin proof any water tanks or drains so you deny them access to water

  • Make Access Difficult

The average rat can squeeze through a 2 centimeter hole and a mouse car get in through a pencil sized hole. Their sharp teeth are great at gnawing wood and plastic if they think they can gain access there. Gaps around windows and doors will be enlarged and holes in blocks or concrete work, as well as your external cladding provides rodents with good entry points.

Drains allow entry so need to be fitted with interceptors and air vents need to be covered with a vermin proof mesh

  • Keep all Your Food in Sealed Vermin Proof Containers

Rodents are attracted to your food and love free meals, so having food around will only encourage them. Placing all your food in sealed containers or food safes will stop them gaining access to it.

Pest inspection services on the Gold Coast advise that rodents are opportunists and tenacious and because of this it’s almost impossible to make any property 100 percent rodent proof. But by making it difficult for them and not providing the things they need and want, such as food, water, security and shelter, it makes your property less attractive to them so they will probably look for an easier place.