What are termite barriers?

1 in 3 homes in Australia have been visited by termites. They are incredible creatures who have no judgement, they treat each and every home they encounter the same. They see your home as a source of food and nothing else, if you are unlucky enough to encounter termites in your home if you don’t act quickly, it could become too late very fast. The key is preventative measures to ensure that your home is safe from termites and one measure you can take is termite barriers on the Gold Coast. Stopping termites from entering your home is the best way to ensure that your home stays sturdy and solid and not lunch for a termite colony.

  • Chemical Barrier – these are usually located in trenches dug around the perimeter of your property. Once the trenches have been dug down to about 300mm the soil is then treated with a chemical that forms a chemical barrier that when the termites encounter it on their journey to your home are poisoned. The poisoned termites then take that chemical back in transfer it to as many termites as they encounter. This is called the transfer effect.
  • Physical Barrier – unless your home when it was built had a physical barrier installed your only option is a chemical barrier but for all new builds, it’s recommended that a physical barrier be installed. Specially treated plastic or metal mesh can line the underneath of the slab of the home. They will also fill around piping and any access point into the home.

Whilst many houses would have either one or the other form of a barrier the best way to protect your home is if you can have both. If you are building a new home then you should have a physical termite barrier and a chemical termite barrier installed on the Gold Coast. It’s the only way to be certain that your home is as safe as it can be.

How long do Termite Barriers last on the Gold Coast?

Most physical barriers can have a life span of up to 50 years if installed correctly and should be a great deterrent. Chemical termite barriers will last up to 8 years if installed by a trustworthy company like Top Dog Pest Control. It is still imperative that you continue to have a regular 12 monthly termite inspection to ensure that your barriers are performing to the peak.

There is very little doubt that if you live on the Gold Coast that you should have at least a chemical termite barrier installed so that you can rest knowing that your home is protected. The price that you would have to pay for a termite barrier on the Gold Coast pales in comparison to the cost of major repairs to your home if termites decide to take a liking to it.

The team at Top Dog Pest Control have years of experience dealing with termites in fact they deal with them almost daily. If you need to talk to someone about protecting your home from the dreaded termite speak to the experts at Top Dog Pest Control.