One thing you can be sure of is that you will need pest control services living on the Gold Coast. It’s a fact of life living here that you have to share the place with a multitude of other life forms. Some of these are harmless while many others can range from being annoying, destructive to being carriers of diseases.

Once you find you have unwanted guests in the form of pests you need to take fast action as they are probably already well on the way to establishing themselves.

The most important question then is how to find the right pest control company on the Gold Coast to help you? These are some of the main considerations when choosing:

  • Finding out which chemicals they use

In the past, many pest control companies used very toxic chemicals to deal with pests. Today there are very stringent regulations regarding the type and application of chemicals, but you still need to check just what they plan on using especially if you have children, people with allergies or pets

  1. There are eco-friendly options available for pest control, but many companies prefer to use stronger types of chemicals so you need to know just what they will use
  2. Find out about the safety measures they will take to protect your property and home contents if you need to leave the premises while they apply the pest control agents and how long you need to stay away

Find out about warranties

Some pests and pest infestations can be more difficult and costly to treat than others so you need to know about warranties and just how long the treatment is expected to last.

Some pests such as rodents and snakes can be a recurring problem, so ask what measures they will take to give you lasting protection

  • Check their insurance and what coverage they have to protect you

All contractors should have the proper licenses and insurances to comply with all government requirements. If they do not show you a copy of their licenses and insurance look elsewhere

  • Do they offer a specific plan to remove all your pests?

Pest control on the Gold Coast is far from simple with many factors determining which procedures a pest control a company will undertake to make it pest free.

Find out the specifics and their overall plan for your pest issues

  • Get free quotes and understand their fee structure

Do not accept phone quotes without them assessing your pest problem properly.

The price on a real quote will indicate the severity of your pest infestation, the time it will take, the techniques they need to use and any return visits they may require.

Do they require a deposit, how much it would be and when the final payment(s) are due? If you have a major pest problem, can you make instalment payments and what would that entail.

You will most certainly require some type of pest control living on the Gold Coast so it is important you take the time to find the right company. Your local real estate agents are often in contact with the top pest control companies and can advise you or search the internet to read local pest control reviews