Having building and pest inspections in Gold Coast properties is very important, whether it’s a brand-new building or has been standing for years. There are many cases where termites and other pests have invaded and caused damage to buildings in as little as three months.

In the papers and internet, you can find examples of buildings that are substandard, either built by unscrupulous developers or contractors, leaving the buyers with huge costs to rectify the problems. This article will help you avoid these problems


  • Is it just cosmetic

Most people spend a lot of time getting their properties looking spectacular in order to sell them at the highest possible price. This is fare enough, but the only way to be sure it’s not just cosmetic, it is by having building and pest inspections done on any Gold Coast property by a reputable company before you sign up. This is the only way you can be absolutely sure you’re buying a good property not a lemon.


  • Structural problems

Your inspection will make sure your building is up to the specks on the registered plans and there are no structural faults, defects or problems.


  • Poor workmanship

Building inspectors are qualified builders that are also trained and experienced in looking for poor workmanship and cover-ups.


  • Leaks

A leaky roof can be very expensive to repair and so can leaks caused because retaining walls and drainage work has not been carried out properly causing flooding inside. This may only become apparent in the wet season after you have moved in with all your stuff. A professional inspection will reveal these problems.


  • Termites and other pests

These are often not obvious, especially if they are being concealed, but a reputable inspection company will use the latest detection and investigation methods and equipment to give you an accurate report on and pest activity including mould and fungi.


  • If pests are found

If any types of pest are found or the building needs to be pest proofed, the inspection report will notify you. They will also offer you a competitive quote on the cost involved so you can negotiate with the vendor to get a better sale price.


  • Only use a qualified and licenced Building and pest inspection service

It’s important your building and pest inspections company on the Gold Coast is working for you and only you. Some real estate agents have been known to play down pest and damage reports so they don’t lose a sale or have it delayed. Your conveyancing lawyer is often a good person to talk to about suitable companies.


  • Technical reports

A building and pest report is by nature a lengthy document that has many technical terms, so it’s important that you are onsite during the inspections or are able to have a serious talk with the inspectors when they hand you the report, allowing you to be completely informed


The bottom line is with a building and pest inspections completed on Gold Coast properties you will know the exact state they are in and not have to worry about issues.