The Gold Coast is one of the nicest places to live in Australia with a perfect climate and wonderful opportunities for everyone living there. It’s also a heaven for pest’s nuisances around the home, which is where pest control becomes important.

Before you realise you have a pest problem, they will have invaded your space and built homes and colonies. The best way to combat this is to have regular pest inspections of your property.

The top 6 things to control pests are:

  1. Keep Bugs and Insects Away

Gardens can be very attractive, but can harbor a variety of insects, so it’s best to keep them at least a meter for your buildings or foundations. White ants love things like mulch or older leaves as they contain old wood, their main food. If too close to your building they and other insects can gain easy unseen access. Using rocks and decorative pebbles are a great alternative.

Always clear under stairs, decks and raised walkways as there are popular hiding places for insects, snakes and rodents

  1. Remove any Standing Water and Fix Water Leaks

Roof guttering unless cleaned out regularly is an area where water can site along with some types of lawn furniture, garden ornaments such as bird baths, playground equipment and children’s toys.

Both mosquitoes and flies love stagnant water and many other creatures are also attracted to it. Leaky water pipes and taps likewise attract all manner of unwanted guests

  1. Remove Potential Food Sources

Pests enter your place for several reasons, to find shelter and to find food, so by removing any food source it makes your place less attractive. Insure all pet food that’s not consumed is removed and store fed food in sealed containers.

Bird feeders should be at least 30 meters from buildings and all trash should be removed promptly or stored in vermin proof containers with secure lids.

  1. Reduce Clutter

If you keep areas such as storage areas, garages, carports and attics clear of clutter you will reduce the places pests can hide. Store things in inorganic containers as cardboard boxes attract spiders and the cellulose they contain attracts white ants and other boring insects

  1. Eliminate All Entry Points

If pests can’t get in they won’t be a problem, but most places have multiple entry points for pests.

  • Fit proper insect screens to all windows and doors, ensure existing screens don’t have any rips or holes
  • Inspect and replace or repair weather strips around doors and windows
  • Seal around all pipes that enter your building with caulking compound or steel wool. Patch all holes or cracks to keep rodents, snakes, spiders, centipedes and scorpions out
  1. Have Regular Pest Inspections

Have regular pest inspections on  property, whether you suspect you already have a pest problem or not. Pests can not only be very annoying, they carry diseases and can cause substantial damage to your property and contents.

Pests are a problem on the Gold Coast, unless you take precautions against them, they will try and share your space often making life uncomfortable, destroying your sanity as well as property. Don’t give them access, food or opportunity, call pest control service on the Gold Coast