Have a pre-purchase pest inspection on the Gold Coast, especially if you have a wooden garage as it’s an enticing home to pests looking for a cool place to shelter.

If you were smart enough to have pre-purchase inspections done, then you’ll be confident any pest invasions will be reasonably new and not likely to have caused too much damage as they could have done if they had not been detected during an inspection.

Regular pest inspections can save you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs. Finding pests in your garage can be inconvenient and unsettling, so here are some tips to protect your wooden garage from pests:

Many pests will enter your garage because its a good place, near a steady supply of food and water with great nesting opportunities.

The most common pests you’ll find in your Gold Coast Garage are

  • Flies, these are attracted to anything rotting
  • Silverfish, they like to live in damp areas and are attracted to paper, cardboard and damp clothing
  • Spiders will live anywhere they can find shelter and food
  • Crickets, are drawn to structures that offer a warm, moist environment, they make a loud chirping sound by rubbing their front wings together to attract females
  • Ants, live in large colonies in the voids and walls of garages
  • Cockroaches will live anywhere there is moisture and food to scavenge
  • Termites, of several species will be attracted to your wooden garage. Having a pre-purchase pest inspection and the regular inspections after you buy a property are the best ways to avoid these infestations
  • Scorpions prefer semi-arid areas, but will move into a garage, if there is timber or other things stacked on the floor where they can hide. They like to prey on other insects and spiders
  • Moths like to live on natural fibers like wool, silk, linen and fur. They leave holes and excrement. Always check clothing you hang in a garage as this is usually how they are introduced
  • Mice and Rats, like to find shelter in the ceiling or darker areas in your garage, the biggest problem with rats and mice is they spread disease through their droppings and the fleas they carry
  • Snakes are quite common, there are a few poisonous ones around so it’s important to make sure you don’t leave things lying on the floor for them to hide under or behind and always be careful when looking in boxes or containers
  • Birds, often find a garage a great place to nest
  • These friendly creatures will happily move into your garage if given the chance as they like a nice cool place to sleep during the day

Once you find critters of any type in your wooden garage you need to take steps to remove them such as calling pest control then:

  • Thoroughly clean out the garage
  • Fix any cracks or gaps
  • Place all items for storage on shelves in sealable plastic containers
  • Remove any moisture sources

Having pre purchase inspections on the Gold Coast is the best way to insure your home is pest free. In order to keep it that way, you need to have regular pest inspections and ensure the whole area is kept clean and free of hiding places for pests.