This is one question we hear from our clients every day, and the simple answer is NO. Cockroaches can survive anywhere they can locate food, water and a space to breed. They hide in any small spaces or cracks in floors and walls, and then forage for food during the night – so quite often you won’t actually see one, until you decide to get a late night snack and see one creeping across the kitchen bench! Cockroaches are hardy insects and eat a large variety of foods and non-food items such as cardboard and coffee granules. This is why they can quite happily survive in the tidiest of homes!

So, the next question we get asked on a weekly basis is, how then, can we keep cockroaches at bay and out of our home? In a nutshell, cockroaches will almost always find some way or another to creep into your home, especially if the weather has been hot and they are searching for shelter, however, there are some valuable tips to follow to keep them out as best as possible.

How do they get in?

Cockroaches can sneak into homes via boxes, grocery bags or anything you may have brought into the home from outside. They can also come in from the outside through cracks, windows, doors and plumbing and pipes. The most effective ways to minimise their entry is to seal visible cracks and holes around doors, windows, pipes and electrical outlets. Ensure you have removed any water sources and fix any leaks in the wet areas. By covering all food sources with lids will ensure they stay out of these areas.

Cockroaches on the Gold Coast

Cockroaches on the Gold Coast are rife, especially during the warmer months when they can’t locate any food and water sources outside so they sneak their way into your home for refuge. Quite often though, and at no fault of the homeowner, these at-home strategies may not be enough and a professional pest treatment, with qualified pest inspectors and commercial grade products will need to be used.

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Still have cockroaches?

If you have implemented these strategies and you are still experiencing issues with cockroaches, give us a call so we can assess the problem and treat the affected areas. It’s what Top Dog Pest Control do every day, so we can guarantee you will be rid of the cockroach problem in no time! Give us a call on 1800 737 836 for a quote.

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