You can search though Google all day long and you will find a Pest Inspection business almost on every corner. Yes, this is great in a way as you will never be short of a pest inspector to visit your home, but not all termite inspections on the Gold Coast are created equal. Below we will discuss what is the difference between a good and great termite inspection on the Gold Coast to ensure that you are using the right team for the job.

Where termites are concerned it can be a very scary problem for what is most peoples number one asset, their home. The pest industry is built on a doom and gloom approach and peoples fear of the termite. When people hear the word termite uttered it can send shivers down the spine and having the team at Top Dog Pest Control take you through the process could save you thousands of wasted dollars.

Reliability and Honesty

First and foremost, the key to a great termite inspection on the Gold Coast is reliability and honesty. It would be very easy for a homeowner to be scared into unnecessary treatments when it comes to termites. The thought of your home being eaten out from underneath you is a terrifying thought, the team at Top Dog Pest Control will be honest in their assessment of your problem and only suggest the correct treatment. There will be no hidden costs or added expenses, just the perfect termite treatment for your home. You also need to trust that when you call for you termite inspection that the technician is going to turn up when they are booked. There is nothing worse than waiting around all day for a termite inspection on the Gold Coast.


It’s important that the pest control company you employ has great communication skills. This is on many different levels.

  • Booking and administration – your pest control company should be concise and provide you with all the information you require when booking an inspection. It’s great if they can have some background on your problem so they can hit the ground running when they arrive.
  • Technician – this is without a doubt the most important part. Your technician should be able to ally your fears by explaining exactly what is going to happen through the process. Explaining in detail will help you to understand and trust the technician to do the job he has committed to.


Experienced Approach

The most important skillset that your pest control company should have is an experienced approach. With experience comes an ability to problem solve on the go and nip possible issues in the bud before they even happen. Having done thousands of termite inspections there aren’t many situations the team at Top Dog Pest Control haven’t faced and it’s with this experience that you can be confident you are going to get the best termite inspection on the Gold Coast available.