Cockroaches are one of those pests that no one likes to encounter. The cockroach is widely considered a dirty insect responsible for spreading bacteria and infectious diseases. Therefore, it does not seem likely that there would be a cleaning routine for cockroaches. Cockroaches run their antennae and legs through their mouths to comb them to groom themselves. There are 4,600 different species of cockroaches, 30 of which are found in human habitats.

Among all the different species among those 30, only four are considered pests. These insects are considered a pest and are hardy, and they can live in a wide range of environments, including freezing temperatures and tropical heat. Even in extreme temperature conditions, cockroaches can survive. A few species can withstand temperatures of up to -122 °C by producing glycerol antifreeze.


All organic food sources are consumed by cockroaches, which are omnivorous scavengers. However, they have also been observed to consume things like books, hair, and decayed matter in addition to sweets, meats, and starches. In infestations of cockroaches, you’ll find cockroaches in the kitchen, food storage area, and prep area. Cockroaches eat whatever they find. A cockroach in a sewer eats sewage, while a cockroach on dead trees consumes decaying wood.

Impact on Human health

Cockroaches can passively transfer pathogenic microbes on their body surfaces, especially in hospital settings. In addition, humans are sensitive to cockroach allergens. In particular, asthmatic patients are sensitive to cockroaches. Salmonella, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, leprosy, and cholera have also been carried by cockroaches. In addition, cockroaches can transmit pathogens through their droppings because of their unsanitary eating habits. Cockroaches that eat contaminated food, such as raw chicken or animal faeces, may bring the organism into their digestive system, where it may lay dormant. As a result, cockroach droppings will contain the pathogen and contaminate food and surfaces. Despite the small number of cockroaches visible in the home, cockroaches can live for a few days to a month without food.


The easiest way to combat cockroaches is to prevent them by using professional pest control services such as Top Dog Pest Control Gold Coast. Proper sanitation is almost always the key to preventing cockroaches from infesting your home. Small oversights in sanitation by pest control Gold Coast companies can result in a clean home or business infested with pests. For roach control, sanitation means much more than simply washing the dishes or sweeping the floor. Unfortunately, missing some simple sanitation steps can mean that you are leaving roaches’ resources to thrive on. Sugary foods should be stored in airtight containers, your meat prep stations should be cleaned, and crumbs left behind on your counters should be wiped down. Cleanliness effectively prevents cockroaches.

Hire a professional

A cockroach is a common pest problem, but they are also hard to control without the help of professional pest control Gold Coast services like Top Dog pest control. Infestations are hard to eradicate due to insects hiding in many places, breeding rapidly, carrying a high reproductive capacity, and developing resistance to pesticides. There are two main types of roaches, and two different methods can be used to eliminate them. A one-time treatment will not keep roaches from piling up in your home or building. Infestations of cockroaches can take months or years to eradicate, depending on species and size. So you should consult a professional pest control Gold Coast services.