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Top Dog Pest Control is the leading expert in pest control, pest inspections and termite barriers on the Gold Coast. Our team of highly trained technicians will ensure your home will be secure from an unseen termite invasion by installing the latest physical termite barrier.

We offer:

  • Obligation-free quotes on your home and or business
  • Full site inspection and expert advice on termite management, which matches your individual home and situation
  • Risk assessment, our specialist technicians will explain to you the total risk factors for termites around your home and exactly why you are at risk
  • Total Transparency, Top Dog Pest Control is a locally owned and run socially conscious company, devoted to serving the Gold Coast Community.

  1. We are totally approachable and have a very high standard of customer service
  2. We take the time to fully explain all your options and the costs involved
  3. We keep you informed and disclose all the compounds and chemical we use
  4. Our operators are highly trained and only use people pet and environmentally friendly methods and compounds in compliance with all regulations and safety standards

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  • Prevention we provide proven and cost-effective, preventative termite barrier treatments for Gold Coast conditions and your unique property
  • Yearly follow up termite inspections after treatment to ensure your property remains protected
  • Baits in Barriers designed for low-risk areas that are termite free, but still at risk. These use a system of partial barriers and bait stations. They are designed so any termites entering the area are lead and attracted into the bait stations when they contact low toxic compounds that they take back to their colony and infect the rest of the termites living there
  • Chemical Treatment Barriers where a trench is dug around the whole building parameter and filled with soil treated with chemicals designed to stop all termites and kill them. This uses compounds that are termite specific and very effective, but safe and nontoxic for other organisms and animal in the environment
  • Reticulation Chemical System to Prevent Termites. Using a system with pipework permanently place in the ground to deliver the correct amount and strength of chemical at selected intervals, this system is a long term solution to keeping your property totally termite-free. It’s very cost-effective and gives you total peace of mind knowing that your investment is totally protected.

This system is most commonly used for new buildings or extensions but can be installed around existing buildings

Many people believe a concrete home is safe from termites, and yes, they will not eat concrete, but they will squeeze through any cracks, joints or holes to invade your home. It only takes a 2mm gap or loose utility penetrations where pipes or wires enter and termites are inside.
Commercial termite treatment
They will eat anything that contains cellulose the hard sugar of plants that is used throughout a home/ Examples are the cardboard backing of drywall, the backing of some carpets, doors, window frames, bookcases and cabinets.

All termites need is moisture that can come from a leaky tap, the condenser of an air conditioner or overflow of a water heater and some food and they will eventually get in unless you take steps to prevent them.

The fully qualified and experienced team of technicians at Top Dog Pest Control is trained in all aspects of pest biology; they understand the behaviour and habits of termites.

They will provide a tailor-made termite barrier solution specifically for Gold Coast homes, climatic and building conditions.

Find out the best methods of reducing your overall termite risks from our friendly and informative team, they will be happy to discuss with you any aspects of termite eradication, prevention and control.

Did you know that there are three main types of homes on The Gold Coast, homes that have already been attacked by termites, those homes that are going to be attacked by termites and those homes that are protected with a Gold Coast designed Termite barrier

Delay, as termites never rest as they munch their way through Gold Coast homes and peoples valuable.

Call 1800 737 836 Top Dog Pest control today and find out how they can help you beat termites and have peace of mind and save money while adding to your property’s value.