Rodents are always in search of a new place to live where the three things they love and require are. What they love about houses is they provide food, shelter and warmth, the three things they need. So don’t be surprised if you leave your home open that they will move in and breed rapidly and the only practical way to prevent them is to have regular pest inspections on the Gold Coast.

Apart from the damage, they can cause with their chewing they also, carry a variety do diseases, so it’s important to make your home rodent proof and less appealing to them.

Hidden Entry Points

Rats and mice are very skilled at breaking into places and can squeeze through very small holes and are fantastic climbers. They will find any openings from under your floor to the top of your eaves on the roof.

Some Very common entry points

  • Gaps under or around doors and windows
  • Through broken or ill-fitting and  screens
  • Air vents and unsealed areas around the roof
  • Via overhanging trees or bushed too close to buildings

Once they gain entry they will find a secluded area to camp and begin the search for food. They love warm areas such as under or behind refrigerators. Soon they will start building their nests and breeding.

Some ways to help prevent rodents from entering your home

  • Seal entry holes

Anywhere there is a hole greater than 5mm in size they will gain entry even if they have to chew their way in. Seal all holes with epoxy or mortar so they can’t chew their way through. Holes made for cables and plumbing pipes are easy game unless well-sealed

  • Vents and breather holes

Always use a pest-resistant mesh such as stainless screens to seal all vents so you still get air access but not rodents

  • Around doors

Older homes often have large gaps under doors; place a heavy duty flexible weather strip there to prevent rodent access

  • Eaves and roof area

Damaged roofing, gutters and weather flashings are perfect entry points for rodents so need to be kept in a good state of repair

  • Food sources

Food sources can be found around your garden such as fruit trees and vegetables, which attract rodents, especially ripe fruit that falls to the ground

Don’t leave foods sources around inside your home, such as dirty dishes nd food not kept in rodent-proof containers

  • Clutter inside or out

Rodent are shy creatures and need places to hide so if you leave a lot of clutter around your home either inside or outdoors, you’re inviting them to stay

Prevention is far better than having to find a cure so having regular pest inspections on the Gold Coast will ensure you don’t have a rodent problem, but if you already do, then they will help you get rid of them and stop them returning.

Rodents just like people love to find a nice warm sheltered place to live where there is plenty of food. If you wish to stop them from moving in with you then you need to make your place less desirable and harder for them to gain entry. A few cats is a great way to keep the rodent population in check.