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Rodent control is paramount in order to prevent the spread of serious diseases. In the past, Rats & Mice have been responsible for a number of diseases worldwide, including:

  • Plague (estimated to kill between 25-50 million people)
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia

These diseases can be spread numerous ways such as being bitten, unsafe disposal of dead rats, consuming food or liquid that is contaminated with rat urine, faeces, saliva or hair. Fleas, ticks and mites can also transfer these diseases through the previous contact with rats and mice. This is why it is important to ensure the area that your pets live is also rodent free.

Commercial rodent control is also important as history has shown rodents can damage buildings and structures by:

  • Nest building
  • Gnawing through wires
  • Gnawing through the floor joist

How to avoid rodent infestation

Rodents prefer warmth over cold. When the weather starts to cool outside, rodent control on the Gold Coast is something all commercial buildings should consider. Rats will be looking for somewhere warm to build a nest Having the ability to fit through an opening as small as half an inch, ensure your property or building is in safe, sealed condition. If a hole is not quite half an inch, a rat will finish the job, gnawing its way in.. Once they have constructed their nest, the next step is food. This can be a big problem as contact with food causes contamination. It is of most importance to ensure all food is kept in airtight containers. Although rats can chew through if they want to, the airtight seal stops the food from being smelt by rodents. Keep all food preparation surfaces clean and sanitised after use.

Like humans, rodents need water to survive. Pooled water in a bathtub or a dogs water bowl is the perfect water source for a rodent.

Rodent Control Services

The best way to remove a rodent problem is with us. At Top Dog Pest Control, we have rodent control solutions to suit your building, home and most importantly, budget. Our trained, qualified and friendly staff have years of experience ready to eliminate your problem to ensure a safer place for you to work or live. If you are looking for a solution to your rodent problem or you’re interested in putting some prevention controls in place, simply pick up the phone to speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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