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Pest infestation has become a common problem in all sectors of the society unlike before when it was associated with the overcrowded and ruined places. Today pests are found in clean high standard hotels and various housing environs. This is mostly attributable to the increased travel needs that necessitate the movement of people as well as luggage that may be infested. Pest infestation calls for pest control services from a reliable and affordable company like Top Dog Pest Control.

At Top Dog Pest Control business, we offer guaranteed solutions for all your pest problems with regard to cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, and termites, among other pests. We recognize that the sight of pests or just knowing that there are pests in your environment can be unsettling. That is why we are only a call away before the pests can scamper into hiding where they may be difficult to notice.

We have the most effective and efficient pest control services that include:

  • Commercial and industrial pest management
  • Residential Pest management services
  • Pest management in schools.
  • Pest management in hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

We have the most qualified, skilled, and experienced pest controllers whose aim is to ensure your full satisfaction with the highest level of patience, politeness, and genuineness. Our team works around the clock for prompt service delivery with respect to pest detection, removal, and eventually treatment.

Top Dog Pest Management Company, Gold Coast’s Faithful and Most Dependable Pest Controllers

At the company, we aim towards providing you with the most reliable termite treatment and control services for all types of property.

A summary of the services that we avail for our clients includes:

  • Termite inspections.
  • Termite detection.
  • Termite treatment services.
  • Termite control
  • General pest management services.
  • Move out / exit treatments for rental properties.
  • Termite protection systems.
  • Pest management advice.

Other than our termite treatment and control services, we also focus on other pest infestation cases that involve pests like rodents, flying and crawling insects. Therefore, when you come across cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, ants, mice, rats, midges, bees, flies, wasps, and mosquitoes in your residential or business property, just call us for a free quote.

Our Services for Termite Treatment and Control

We provide a wide variety of termite removal and control services as well as the white ants. For absolute coverage we conduct thorough inspection to ensure that every area is assessed. Our experts examine every inch of your property; both the interior and the exterior, to determine the best course of action. When we come across live pests, we will notify you of the need to take immediate action where we apply the right treatment method. In other situations, we may provide you with a quote for the termite removal especially if the infestation is not severe.


Some of the termite treatments that we can provide for our esteemed clients include:

  • Termite treatment for all active infestations and live nests.
  • Baiting traps and baits.
  • Post and pre-construction barriers.
  • Exterior and interior termite inspection services.
  • Prevention, control, protection and removal of termites.
  • Installing anti-termite systems.


When you notice any form of pest infestation in your property, do not hesitate to contact Top Dog Pest Control company and we will be there for inspection in a few hours. If you leave a message, you will receive our call back on the same day because your health and physical safety is our top priority. Call us today for further information about pest treatment and services.

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