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Offering termite solutions for residential and commercial property owners, Top Dog Pest Control is the leading name in London for termite control and prevention, removal, and detection. This small flying insect may look harmless, yet it causes massive destruction to your home, slowly eating away at the wood of your structure.

A termite problem, or suspected problem, shouldn’t be ignored because so much damage can occur within a short span of time. The sooner you call Top Dog, the sooner you can get your home and peace of mind back.

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BOTL: The Signs of a Termite Infestation

This winged insect measures a span of only ⅜-inch long, so do not expect to see one flying around the exterior or your home if you aren’t looking for them. Their small size is one reason that termite detection is sometimes so difficult, especially for a person lacking pest expertise. However, they pests are sometimes spotted by homeowners, thus being the first sign there’s a problem that needs addressed quickly. Where there is one termite, there are hundreds more in his colony, all waiting to feed their tummies with the delicious cellulose found inside the wood on your building. Don’t wait to react if you spot a termite

A termite discards it wings once it leaves the nest to start a new colony. Wings are found near windows, door entrances, and home access areas. After landing, wings aren’t needed any longer, thus the insect purposely sheds them from his body. Discarded wings is a common sign of termite presence.

Mud tubes at various points on your home also indicate that you may have an issue with pests that you shouldn’t wait to address. Placed near sources of food (wood,) the mud tubes serve as a tunnel blocking cool, dry air out so your home becomes a cozy and comfortable spot for a termite to call their own.

Wood damage is also a common sign that a problem with this pest exists. The pest chews through the wood of your home to devour the cellulose that is found inside the particles. When the termite eats the wood from the house, long grooves are created, causing structural damage over time.

Although numerous signs exist indicating a problem with this flying winged insect, those listed above are among the most commonly seen signs noted by most homeowners. If you notice any of the above problems, or simply want to be on the safe side and ensure the insect isn’t destroying your home, give our pest control services company a call at once.

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It is sometimes tempting to handle jobs around the home on your own. It’s all a part of the fun of DIY. However, there’s also a right time and a wrong time to let the DIY in you takeover. When a termite problem exists in your home, calling our experts is something you certainly want to do rather than attempt to handle the trouble on your own. It is okay to give them job to someone else now and again, especially when the rewards are so lucrative.

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