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Ant Infestation is common in homes on the Gold Coast. The warm, sub-tropical climate of the Gold Coast is incredibly inviting to ants. When ant populations are under control, They are not an issue. However, during wet and rainy times of the year, ant infestations can become out of control. Don’t worry though, effective ant control is possible, even when it seems like the insects are taking over.

Ants are a problem for several reasons. They enjoy consuming food and beverage products that are intended for human consumption making enjoying picnics or other forms of outdoor dining impossible, and forces people to take extreme measures to protect their indoor food supplies to that attracting ants inside homes and other buildings. Moreover, some species of ants can deliver painful bites to humans and their pets, making them especially dangerous when they exist in large numbers.

Ants are also capable of spreading diseases because they are known to search for food in unsanitary locations. While doing so they can track a wide range of disease-carrying organisms into the home and onto the dinner table. Ants may also cause a certain amount of structural damage to a property from creating ant trails and building mounds that can contribute to cracks and other types of damage to foundations, walks and more.

Home remedies and commercial products can help people control ant infestations to a certain degree, however, these products and methods are no matches for the solutions that can be provided by a professional pest control service.

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