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Pests are a nuisance in your property, and once you identify any signs of pest infestation in your premises, it is important to call a pest control company to remediate the problem. Pests threaten the quality of life because they are capable of transmitting diseases and spreading harmful bacteria that could harm your general health.


If you notice any pest infestation signs in your premises, there is no need to worry. We are just a call away and we respond as quickly as possible to carry out professional pest control services. Our team of qualified expert is efficiently trained to take care of the problem regardless of the type of pest. We offer pest removal and treatment services for the most common pests such as termites, rodents, ants, fleas, cockroaches, and spiders, among other pests.


Moreover, our highly skilled pest controllers do not disregard any pest infestation problem because they possess the know how on how to carry out extermination services notwithstanding the type of premises.


Our pest control business delivers professional services to premises such as:

  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Residential homes
  • School premises, and
  • Commercial properties


Pest Management Services

Top Dog Pest management firm is the best pest control company for those looking to get rid of pests within a short time. We take pride in our work, and we aim at delivering the most efficient of services to ensure that your commercial or residential premise is free of pests. Our pest management services are carried out satisfactorily because our team of pest controllers understands that quality is key in this line of work.


We are a reputable pest control business, and commercial and residential properties owners from different areas rely on our quality services. Our technicians are highly skilled and always ready to handle a pest problem to the best possible capacity. No pest problem is too easy or too difficult; our experts treat any pest infestation problem appropriately and with utmost efficiency.


The services we provide include:

  • General pest management
  • Severe pest infestations
  • Exit treatments for rental properties
  • Pest management advice
  • Termite inspections
  • Termite treatment and control
  • Installing protection systems such as traps

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Termites continue to be a nuisance in homes and commercial properties. If left unattended, they can bring devastating effects and carrying out remediation services later than expected could end up costing you a lot of money. In case you notice their presences in your premises, make haste and call us now. We offer extensive termite treatment and control services to restore your home into habitable conditions.


Termite Treatment and Protection Services

Once you notify us of the pest infestation in your premises, our team of qualified technicians will come with the necessary equipment for termite detection. Termite detection and control involves a number of steps, and we make sure to pay attention to every little detail so that after the process is done, your premise is left pest free.


The steps followed include:

  1. Inspecting your premises to determine a potential pest infestation
  2. Removing the nests within reach/ visible to the eye
  3. Implementing the conventional pest control methods
  4. Treatment of entry points like windows and doors
  5. Applying pest control materials around the perimeter of your residential or commercial property.
  6. Issuing a detailed service report and preventive advice to keep your home termite-free up until the next scheduled treatment service.


Once our qualified experts reach your premises, the first thing they do is inspect your property. No termite treatment services can be carried prior to inspection, otherwise, the entire treatment process would be futile. We make sure to assess all the areas in your premises to ensure the control process is fully carried out. Our experts undertake a thorough assessment of both the interior and exterior of your buildings. As such, they will check the perimeter, the backyard, and the roof. It is only after we have completed the assessment and identified the pests that we provide you with the quote for their extermination.


Mostly, the range of termite treatment services that we provide entail:

  • Termite inspection both in the building and on the exterior parts of your property
  • Termite treatment for live nests and detected infestations
  • Baits and baiting traps
  • Termite barriers, which include installing posts and pre-construction
  • Pest management services such as protection and extermination
  • Installation of anti-termite systems such as Termidor, Homeguard, Exterra, Biflex, and Sentricon.


All the above services are carried out by our highly qualified and well-trained experts. Every one of our personnel is delegated the duty to carry out the treatment plan appropriately and in line with our goals and values. We are a company that insists on conducting our practice responsibly and with due diligence so that every customer’s need is satisfied. Our pest management services are completely guaranteed, and any time you have pest infestation issues in your premises, the easiest solution is to call us to carry out the inspection and treatment services.


We Are the Lead Company in Pest Control Services

Top Dog Pest company are the experts to go for when pests threaten your property. We offer you high quality services and the best prevention tips against pest threats. We apply full-range pest management services that protect your home or commercial property from pests.


We are capable of accomplishing this because our highly skilled technicians carry out the extermination processes through implementing the best practices available. Moreover, we are reliable and affordable. Top Dog Pest Control technicians respond to clients’ calls in an instant, and they are ready to begin the treatment process the moment they arrive at your residential or business property.


Our pest control services offer you 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction. We ensure that your mind is at ease knowing that your business or home is catered for in the most effective and environmentally responsible manner. Moreover, we carry out our services diligently to ensure that our customers get the best that there is. We also hire the most qualified technicians to ensure that we meet all our clients’ needs.



No one wants to deal with horrible pest and termite infestations. Getting rid of rodents and bugs can be very difficult so you should hire someone to do the challenging work for you. But how do you choose a good exterminator when there are so many companies to choose from?

We believe that you should feel comfortable with the company that you select. Your company should be licensed professionals who specialize in protection against common pests and rodents.

Top dog is a local, family owned company in Mount Nathan. We specialize in getting rid of uninvited guests from your home and making sure that our customers are satisfied customers for life! All pest controllers are not the same. Unlike some other companies, we provide a full warranty on our services. That way you can be sure that we will take our job seriously and protect your property from future invasion.

Furthermore, all our skill technicians are professionals and we are licensed with the QBCC and QLD Health. We are knowledgeable about regulatory issues pertaining to pest controlling and sanitation, so you can trust that we will provide safe and targeted treatments to your property.


When choosing Top Dog, you can feel confident in our service. We have helped thousands of customers protect their homes and have stopped many infestations from cause further damage.

In fact, we are so confident in the services that we provide our customers that we offer a full warranty on pest control services. This means that there is no risk to you for using our services.

If you have any concerns about pest problems in your home or business, you can give us a call at Top Dog Pest Company. We can be at your property within the same day, no matter if you are residential or commercial. Don’t hesitate! Call us today.

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