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Termite Control & Prevention Ballina

Measuring only about 1cm long, the termite is a small, but dangerous creature with big agendas for your home or business structure. It’s hard to think that an insect of such small stature could bring harm your way, but these flying insects are slowly eating away at your home, resulting in extensive damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

The termite munches away at the wood on your home, devouring their tasty cellulose meals 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. Hundreds to thousands of the tiny insects likely live at your home, busily eating at the wood on your home non-stop. If you spot one of these insects, rest assured there’s many others nearby. The termite lives in a colony with many other insects. The busy termite colonies eat away at your home when you’re asleep, when you’re at work, and when you’re inside, comfortably enjoying life. The insects give little consideration into the destruction they cause. They simply want to enjoy a meal.

Before many homeowners realise there’s a problem, the insects have caused their hysteria, leaving behind damage for you to repair. This isn’t a scenario that you ever want to experience, but if you are not utilising the services a pest control business offers, especially after suspicion of termites, you may very well be the next in life for such an event.

Top Dog Pest Control Ballina prevents the pest from destroying your home via our termite inspections services and our great termite pest control service. Our termite treatment services will exceed expectations and rid the property of the pest quickly. We service residential and commercial properties with our high-quality pest control services. Our professional pest control company has the experience and dedicated services needed to remove the pests from your home and quickly make any necessary repairs or improvements to prevent future recurrence of the insects.

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  • Termite detection
  • Termite control
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  • Pre-homebuy pest inspections

Unlike some Ballina pest control companies in the area, our team of dedicated experts thoroughly inspect every inch of your property to ensure proper removal of all the pests that are accounted for. We’ll search your home, the property lines, and the roof cavity, leaving no stone unturned on our quest. If we detect pests, we’ll alert you and take immediate action if you so desire.

We offer several prevention and treatment products for homeowners to choose from. Additionally, our termite control service provides on-going periodic treatments that ensure the insects do not come back to haunt you after we leave.

A termite problem may not yet have destroyed your home. Call us and we’ll send a professional out who will thoroughly evaluate your home, alerting you to the presence of the pests and any damages caused thus far. If the pests are found, we’ll begin immediate treatment if you desire. The longer you wait to call, the worse the problem with termites becomes, thus the more expense you’ll incur to rid them and make the necessary repairs to your home that has been left behind by the insects.

Know the Signs

Signs that you have a termite problem include:

  • Excavated wood surrounding your home. These pests eat the wood from inside out, leaving it hollow inside.
  • Small, flying white-winged insects around the doors, windows, or other areas of the home, especially after a rainfall.
  • Mud-like tunnel-shaped cones formed alongside walls, door frames, etc.
  • Tiny holes in the wood
  • Buckling of the wood
  • Damaged wood
  • Wood sounds hollow inside if thumbed

If you suspect that the flying insects are near your home, look the home over to detect their presence yourself if you desire. This will save you a bit of time, since you’ll know they exist if spotted. Upon call to a professional pest control company such as Top Dog, a pest expert will provide a thorough inspection of the exterior of the home. While waiting for the appointment or to reduce your worry, search near the ground alongside the exterior of your home, as well as underneath wood porches, inside basements, in hollow blocks and cement, and inside scrap wood found anywhere on the exterior of the home.

Nonetheless, you should never handle the matter without the services of our trained experts. These pests quickly cause extensive home damage, not to mention thousands of dollars in repair costs that you can avoid by simply initiating our termite prevent, control, and/or treatment services.

Is this a Dangerous Pest?

Did you know that the insect feeds on their own feces? Before they’re able to consume the cellulose that coats their tummies, they must first undergo a process known as trophallaxis that makes their bodies capable of digesting the cellulose they feast upon from the wood of your home.

Even with this bit of information in mind, rest assured that the insects aren’t any danger to your health or to the health of your kids or animals. They are dangerous to your home and to your wallet, however, especially if an infestation occurs. Our pest controllers provide the solution, if only you take the first step.

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