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Top Dog is a pioneering Pest control company offering high quality services to Gold Coast area commercial and residential property owners. Our main goal is to help clients overcome various challenges related to pest infestation. Additionally. We offers reliable and affordable old fashion services. To us, client satisfaction is second to nothing.

All our service packages are tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences at all times. Top on the list of pests we deal with are ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches and other popular critters in the Gold Coast area. Our team of exterminators is highly experienced in controlling pests as a result of years of offering unparalleled pest control services in the region. We are best known for:

Top Dog has emerged as a successful pest management and control company. We have managed to offer exclusive services to several clients at homes and businesses. Our company legacy is mainly centred in quality and reliability. Top Dog is overly resourceful in meeting a range of pest management needs by first performing a detection test, conducting a removal and carrying out the treatment procedure depending on the outcomes. In addition, we offer post-treatment services that include advisories, management and prevention of pests.

At Top Dog we are overly committed in training our staff to master various pest control services. We also give them all the fundamental equipment for proper mitigation and control of pests. Irrespective of the level of infestation, Top Dog is capable of controlling the pests using our proficient selection of pest controllers.

Thermal cameras are among the high-tech equipment used in Top Dog, these cameras are capable of inspecting the interior parts of walls to deduce any presence of pests. Besides there are several other reasons why most clients prefer to call on us when in need of pest expert advice and services. These include;

  1. Top Dog services are highly affordable and comes at no additional-cost.
  2. Top Dog is keen on general safety of its products. Close adherence to set standards assuring our clients of their personal and property safety against various chemicals used. Our company team is friendly and respond promptly within 24 hours when called upon. Similarly, all our services are also warranted.
  3. Top Dog team is highly experienced in pest control business. We are also well versed with different set ups such as commercial, residential and industrial setups. This makes it possible for us to carry the detection, treatment and control procedure without struggling.
  4. Our company is highly rated and renowned in pest management and control. Several customers have expressed their confidence in us. Most important, our company is highly recommended by pest professionals.
  5. We offers professional services making it easier for clients to trust us with their safety and properties as well. All our technicians are legally registered with QLD and QBCC Health.

Top Dog is a family owned and run business whose primary goal is to restore quality in pest control. For this reason, we closely work with experienced and licensed technicians to make sure that all the clients get rid of pests from their premises. Top Dog integrated pest management control offers highly personalized services, as a result, we impose little disruption to the daily activities of our clients.

Pest Infestation in Gold-Coast

The conditions at Gold coast are favourable for the survival of most pests including rodents, fleas, spiders, flies, midges, bees, bedbugs and mosquitos. Dense vegetation covers form an excellent hideout and supply plenty of food to these pests. It is therefore advisable to watch out for pest infestation in homes. Any pest cases should promptly be reported to us for early prevention and professional intervention. One can do so by calling our service line for prompt feedback solutions and control measures.

Most pests that manifest homes are potentially dangerous and can always be commonly nuisance. A case in point is flies and silverfish. Clearing such pests from homes can relief one and restore peace of mind. Some pests are known to cause severe diseases and other related conditions. For instance, cockroaches are scientifically known to cause allergies by weakening the immunity system of the body.

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