Having a pre-purchase pest inspection on The Gold Coast before you sign the deal is vitally important. So you can be sure the property is sound and not sharing with a variety of pests that can not only be annoying, inconvenient, spread disease but can or make the building structurally unsafe or require you to spend a large amount of money to complete repairs.

Professional Asser

Many pest infestations are very hard to spot for the untrained person. Often a home owner will spend a lot of time making cosmetic repairs. Unfortunately, this tidying up can remove any evidence of pest activity, so you need a qualified and experienced pest inspector who is trained to search out pests in home and other building using the latest state of the art detecting equipment as well as their own good judgment.

The law issues

When a vendor is required by law to notify or disclose any major defects or problems the property may have, This is a very grey area of the law and the disclosure requirement is qualified with the condition that the vendor is aware of which would be difficult and expensive to prove.

In view of this it having proper pre-purchase pest inspection on the Gold Coast by a local qualified and experienced pest inspector just makes sense, especially as the cost is very reasonable and can help reduce the stress levels and worry when buying a property.

Pest prevention

One of the things pre-purchase pest inspections on the Gold Coast will reveal is the extent of any previous damage caused by pests and the measures taken to prevent other pests from entering the property


Termites can be almost impossible to detect in a property especially if there have been cosmetic activities done recently to make a property easier to sell.

Professional pre-purchase pest inspections on the Gold Coast involve the use of moisture detection devices, thermal imaging devices, infrared cameras, sounding devices, drones with cameras and other types of relevant tools to check areas that might otherwise be inaccessible so could hide pests that otherwise could go undetected

Some of the areas that should be checked

  • All internal areas including rooms and corridors, ceilings, walls, skirting boards, architraves, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, basements, attics, built in furniture, doors & windows and their frames
  • The building’s roof including trusses, spouting, gutters downpipes, vents, skylights and chimneys
  • Wet areas such as bathrooms and under kitchen sinks, laundries and airing cupboards
  • Crawl spaces, under floor and under buildings, under decks and stairways,storage areas, cellars and eves
  • Exterior area including fences retaining walls, the soil around the lot, trees bushes and any stumps, workshops, garages carports, outhouses outdoor furniture and children’s play equipment.

When you have pre-purchase pest inspections done on the Gold Coast it’s important you are present so the inspector can talk over any issues they find. You will also receive a full written report.