Today there are more sustainable and nontoxic methods for pest control than were used in the past. When you have a pest inspection on the Gold Coast, they will explain some of the methods they’ll use for the most common pests such as rodents and insects. Such methods as pest exclusion place permanent barriers in the way of pests so they cannot physically enter your commercial premises.

Some of the most important tips for commercial pest control are:

Having a balance between pest elimination and infestation prevention

Rodents and insects may be very annoying in our homes and businesses, but they do play an important part in the ecosystems around us, so they need to be treated with some respect and not just decimated as they were in the past.

When they enter a commercial facility, they become a health issue and need to be controlled to prevent disease and prevent a bad reputation with the associated loss of customers.

The ultimate in pest control and prevention is pest exclusion

How does pest exclusion work?

  • First step

The first step is a complete pest inspection on the Gold Coast to determine the extent of your pest problem and the types of pests you need to exclude

  • Second step

Then you need to remove all pests from within the premises, this can be done with traps or baits depending on the type of pests you have

  • The third step

Block all entrance ways so that any pests are denied access. This can be done using sealants, stainless mesh, concrete, mortar and steel flashings. This may seem expensive if you have a large area to render pest free, but in the long term, it’s very efficient and the most cost effective

  • The fourth step

Remove the things that attract the pests

Most pests are looking for a nice safe, secure place to live where there is plenty of food, shelter, warmth or protection from the elements. To stop them from wanting to live in your premises you need to remove the things they desire:

  • Make sure there is no rubbish around for rodents or insects to hide in.
  • Keep the outside trimmed and remove any foliage next to your building that could serve as a pathway in
  • Keep all rubbish in sealed containers and make sure it’s removed regularly, especially anything that is edible or could be used for nest building
  • All rodents and insects need water daily, so ensure there is no water available, no leaking pipes or taps and all drains are adequately sealed
  • All food must be stored in vermin proof containers or in areas where rodents and insects cannot enter because of physical barriers
  • Any spills and messes must be cleaned up daily
  • All food prep machinery and preparation areas need to be kept spotlessly clean, floors swept regularly so there is no traces of food or other edible substances present

By having regular pest inspections on the Gold Coast and using the pest exclusion method, where you place physical barriers, you can stop the entry of pests. If you then ensure that any water source as well as possible food supplies are removed you can go a long way to ensuring your commercial premises are pest free and safe from contamination.