Pest behavior is influenced by the different seasons and weather conditions. If you wish to deter pests from moving into your home one of the first things that you need to do is understand their seasonal behavior patterns as they vary with the conditions. The first thing you need to do is have proper building & pest inspections done to determine the type and extent of any pests you have.

Pests are affected by:

Cold or Winter Season

During the cooler months, many insects look for shelter as they are cold blooded and rely on the sun and the environment to keep them warm. Some hibernate while others go underground or into water. Bees and wasps make homes on old logs or trees and ants return to their nests.

Most rodents find the cold months are hard to bear so look for warmer places such as inside buildings or anywhere that gives them shelter such a plies of rubbish, old vehicles or haystacks to find sanctuary.

As the Weather Warms, Spring

When the warmer temperatures arrive, pests move out of their shelters and increase their activity and start looking for food, water and mates.

During the wet season ants and other insects move to higher ground, they seem to have a sense that tells them rain is on the way.

When you notice there are ants around or see evidence such as insect wings, it’s time to have your annual building & pest inspections on the Gold Coast to ensure you can identify the pests involved then control them


Summer is normally the time you will notice more mosquitoes and midges around. This is the time of year you need to be specially prepared for Ross River and Dengue fevers although they can strike at any time of the year.

Other common insects that come around at this time of year include ticks, wasps and bees.

Termites are also more active when its hot as they need water daily, so build their nests close to a water supply.


Autumn is the time when it starts to get cooler on the Gold Coast and many pests are looking for a place to bed down for the coming cool season look for an inviting place that has shelter, food nearby and moisture.

Ladybugs and spiders as well as ants and other insects will suddenly appear in your home. Larger pests will be trying to find suitable points of entry. Ensure all gaps, cracks and holes are sealed properly to lower the chances of pests entering your home.

How Warmer Weather Affects Insects

When the temperatures are warmer insects reproduce and travel farther from their nests looking for new feeding grounds and homes causing infestations and damage.

How Cold Weather Affects Insects

When temperatures are too cold many insects become inactive and cannot develop or breed so they need to find warmer accommodation or perish.

Using the services of building & pest inspections on the Gold Coast to find any pests in your property or home just before the cooler or wet seasons begin can help you control any pests, these are the times that they are most active because the weather affects their behavior making them search out somewhere to shelter.