Drones have grown in popularity since their introduction a few years ago, and their uses have expanded beyond simple entertainment. As corporations have become more proficient at building them, their prices have decreased, and the quality of the products available has improved. As a result, drone technology is now available to a wide range of sectors, allowing them to become a little more productive.

Despite advancements in drone technology, there are still a lot of misconceptions regarding what drones are used for and how they are employed. Many individuals still consider them to be nothing more than flying surveillance cameras. While it is true that drones can be used to record, this can be a very beneficial ability to have — especially when it comes to environmentally friendly pest control on the Gold Coast.

Using drones for Pest Control on the Gold Coast

Drones are very useful for roof inspections and play an integral role for Top Dog Pest Control. Your roof isn’t the first location that comes to mind when thinking of infestations but take it from the professionals: Roof infestations are a frequent occurrence. If you have a hole in your roof, you can expect that pests will make their way into your home. Insects such as ants, termites, and even bees and wasps will find their way into your roof cavity and establish winter nests in your eaves and ceilings.

Roofline inspection has always been difficult for pest control Gold Coast professionals. For one, ascending a ladder only allows you to see so much of the landscape. A limited view means that experts must constantly move the ladder around to gain better viewpoints, which can be highly time-consuming. Even the act of climbing and standing on a ladder is potentially hazardous. Not many properties have level ground surrounding them, making locating a suitable location to install a ladder more difficult. Tall residences also imply tall ladders, which might represent a serious risk to a pest control Gold Coast professional who must scale one of these structures. Accidental falls down ladders are common, resulting in shattered bones and expensive medical bills.

Drones can assist with your pest control on the Gold Coast and it keeps the technicians safe and sound on the ground. As an alternative to climbing a ladder, the team at Top Dog Pest Control can use drones to fly around the roof of a house and find weak places where pests may be entering the house. Drones equipped with cameras can focus on potential ports of access and provide an aerial view of the roof. The point of entry may be a cracked or loose tile towards the top of the roof, which is a location where pest control Gold Coast specialists can’t normally reach, but a drone will detect it and capture it on camera.

Instead of moving the ladder around the house to look for faults, they can simply climb it and inspect it from the top, rather than having to steady the ladder, climb it, inspect it, then climb down and move the ladder all over again. Pest control Gold Coast professionals can complete the inspection considerably more quickly, thanks to drones. They may still need to climb a ladder, but because they can pinpoint the problem spot using a drone, which ensures that time spent up a ladder is kept to a minimum.