Anyone living in Queensland knows that you need termite protection on the Gold Coast because these nasty little critters are especially active there. All new buildings should have the ground suitably treated if there will be any timber component in your building. Even concrete structures with metal framing still often have timber cabinets and fittings or furniture which without protection can become the target of termites.

Some of the top ways to protect your home from termites are:

  • Eliminate moisture or water

Termites need a water source, they live deep in the damp ground, where they establish their colonies, but without a water source they cannot survive. Make sure all your plumbing is in good condition and there are no water leaks, Just a slow dripping tap or connection is enough to provide water for a colony of termites.

Ensure all storm water is directed away from your area and don’t use soak holes as these are also a potential water source for termites

  • Eliminate their food supply

Termites eat cellulose a form of sugar plants use as a building block to create their branches i.e. the wood used in building homes, fixtures, furniture and fittings. Cellulose can be found in all plants, the mulch and leaves in your garden as well as old tree roots and stumps are all food sources for termites. These will attract the termites to your area and then their workers (small white termites that gather food to take back to the nest) will search your home for food.

  • Insulate your home from the soil

Make sure the only parts of your home that touches soil are concrete, brick, cinder block or metal as termites cannot eat or tunnel into these. If they want to pass they need to build a termite tunnel on the surface for protection from the elements and predators.

  • Professional termite protection on The Gold Coast

Most people do it themselves the termite treatments that  just do not work properly and they can be expensive.

Using a reputable, qualified local company to inspect your property at least once a year and provide an appropriate termite eradication program is the best way to protect your property. All home insurance companies exclude termite damage from your cover, but by using a reputable company you can be sure you’re covered by having them inspect your home each year.

How do you know you have termites?

  • Finding their wings around your home
  • Signs include pin holes in timber, deformed timber surfaces, bubbled or cracked paint and small mounds of their droppings that resemble coffee grounds
  • Wood areas that sound hollow when tapped
  • Mud tubes over concrete or other surfaces they can’t tunnel through

Types of termite treatment

  • Barrier treatments where chemicals are mixed with soil in a trench around the outside of buildings and foundations
  • Bait stations where an environmentally friendly poison or chemicals are mixed with cellulose to poison or regulate the growth of the termites

The most effective way to get complete termite protection on the Gold Coast is to call the local pest control experts to inspect your property for termites. Once they have inspected your site they will then be able to devise a complete treatment program designed to protect your property from termite attack.