Finding the best pest control company is essential when you finally purchase your own home. They will soon grow to be a go-to trade that you will call on at least every. If you choose the right company, they will also be able to help you with your building and pest inspections for when or if you ever move house again.

Pest infestations can be a very scary problem for people and their homes. Most pests get a bad rap and to be honest most of the time it is fully deserved. Sure, the rumour is that the cockroach is cleaner than a human but, to be honest, I’m not buying that. No one wants to share their house with pests of any kind. The pest industry is built on fear because of these concerns and if you are not careful you might get taken advantage of. For instance, when people hear the word termite, it can strike fear in even the most hardened of people but with the right pest control company, your fears may just be unwarranted.

Ask plenty of questions

When hiring a pest controller, any question is an important one! You want to feel comfortable with your specialist so they can provide the best services. Pests are annoying and you need to know that your technician will take care of all pests on your property. If someone seems apprehensive about answering questions it might mean they do not have enough experience or knowledge. This is a great way to audition your pest control company to ensure that you are getting the most knowledgeable people you can.

Reliability and Honesty

A great Gold Coast Pest Control company will build its reputation around these three pillars:

  • reliability
  • honesty
  • the perfect treatment for your home

Firstly, you need to be able to rely on a company’s quality service when it comes to protecting your property against the eternal march of pests. Second is their ability to provide honest assessment; there will not be any hidden costs or added expenses that could lead homeowners into unnecessary treatments. Finally, every customer deserves the best possible solution for his/her unique situation whether this means an individual approach with customized products or professional development of strategies tailored specifically towards each location in question.


Before deciding on your pest control company you should be comfortable that they can provide the expertise in the field that you require. They must control the process from start to finish and not rely on contractors or third parties to complete your treatments. Being able to cover all aspects of pest control as well as being experts in building and pest inspections will ensure that the company that you engage is the right choice.

Top Dog Pest Control are experts in the field of pest control and building and pest inspections. They are a one-stop shop and with many years of experience will make sure that your home is pest-free.