On the Gold Coast, we enjoy a delightful semi-tropical climate and so, unfortunately, do a number of pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents and other pests.

Even if you’re fanatical about cleaning your home and keeping all your food stored correctly, when pests decide your home is more inviting than where they are, there is very little you can do to dissuade them other than call your local pest control company.

Being invaded by pests is not just annoying; it can cause serious health issues. Pests can destroy property and your quality of life as well as lowering your property’s value.

Many people first try and deal with the problem themselves, often because they fail to really understand the nature of their pest problem and the correct way to counter these pests. This usually leads to a lot of time, energy and money being wasted.

The most cost effective and safest way to deal with unwanted home invaders is to call a pest control company. They are trained to deal with all the different pests in a given area as well as the correct use and safety of chemicals that in the wrong hands could be dangerous to the members of your household, pets and the environment.

What is Pest Control?

All forms of life are valuable and needed in nature, although at times it’s very hard to see their true value, especially when they are making things difficult in your home. This is when these unwanted visitors become pests and require some specialised, active human intervention to remove or stop them from causing any further harm or damage.

Pests, themselves determine by their presence and numbers as well as by the amount of damage or inconvenience they cause, which type of action is required to control or remove them.

Typically, pest control uses eradication or deterrent measures to control them. The methods used are strictly controlled by government regulation that is designed to protect the environments while allowing is adequate levels of protection for the health and comfort of homeowners.

The measures often used include:

  • Physical removal using traps or mechanical means
  • Habitat destruction and poisoning
  • Exclusion methods such as physical barriers
  • Vermin proofing
  • Introducing species predators
  • Repulsion with repellant substances
  • Chemical extermination

Why is Pest control Important?

Different, pest cause different problems, some spread disease such as rodents, cockroaches, mosquitos and fleas, while others are more destructive such as termites that can structurally damage your home and contents.

Allergy prevention

Many pests through their waste products and lost body parts cause an allergic reaction and respiratory problems such as asthma as they deposit allergens around your home.

Eliminating the Nuisance and Threat of Disease

Many pests cause a nuisance from their presence, others cause disease such as:

  • Ticks can cause fever and Lyme disease
  • Cockroaches, flies, mice and rats cause Salmonellosis
  • Flies and cockroaches can cause dysentery and spread Cholera
  • All pest droppings can cause asthma and allergies


Pest control is important in your home to eliminate the threat of disease and improve your overall quality of life. Some pests such as the Termite can cause extensive damage to any woodwork in or around your property. The best and most cost-effective option is calling pest control.