If you live on The Gold Coast and own your own home or an investment property finding a good Pest Control Company will be the best thing you ever do. One in every three houses suffer from termites and if you are looking to purchase a property you must get a pre purchase pest inspection on The Gold Coast, but what are the benefits of having annual pest inspection for your property? We will discuss four reasons that you should be getting an annual pest inspection on your property.

Protect your Investment

Your home will be the greatest investment that you make in your life so taking every precaution to ensure that it is protected is extremely important. You would be undertaking regular maintenance for your home such as plumbing and electrical, you should be adding an annual pest inspection into the rotation.

Stay ahead of the game

If there is maintenance on your home, you want to be proactive in seeking your annual pest inspection. Things can happen fast in the pest game and before you know it you could looking at extensive damage you aren’t on top of things. Termites especially have voracious appetites and can chew through the timbers of your house quicker than you think. Stay ahead of the game and get your annual pest inspection when it’s due. The team at Top Dog Pest Control will ensure through great communication that you never fall behind on this, their friendly reminders will keep your home protected.

Its standard procedure

An annual or 12-month pest inspection is standard procedure across the industry. This isn’t just driven by the pest inspection companies but from the manufacturers of the products used to kill the pests. It has been proven that after 12 months the products will begin to lose potency and not have the desired effect on the pests anymore. It’s not often that an industry will completely agree on inspection time frames, so its best that you listen to them.

Environmental Changes

A lot can happen around your home from an environment perspective. You may undertake renovations or landscaping that changes the way that pests interact with your home. What soils and mulches you use in your garden may become breeding grounds for pests that may want to make your house their home. Checking the environment around your property is something that should be undertaken in every pre purchase pest inspection on The Gold Coast.

It goes without saying that a good pre purchase pest inspection on The Gold Coast is a necessity but don’t waste that by not keeping up annual inspections as well. Top Dog Pest Control are experts in the field and will only give you the advice that you need to hear, even if you don’t want to hear it. Honest and reliable Top Dog Pest Control will help you protect your greatest asset on a yearly basis and beyond.