Many people only consider having a pest inspection done when they are buying a property as they do not think about having pests in their home unless they become obvious. But it’s a good idea to have periodic pest inspections on the Gold Coast done; they are very effective in preventing pest invasions or finding pests that could result in costly repairs if the pests are allowed to remain unchecked.

Having a proper and complete pest inspection on the Gold Coast is a necessary step in purchasing a property because of the high incidence of natural pests that can be found all around the Gold Coast. The potential amount of destruction that natural pests can do on a property and the huge cost of repairs and renovations required if pests are left undetected makes the cost of having a proper inspection very reasonable.

Do you need to use a Professional Pest Inspection Company?

Generally, yes, it’s advisable to use a professional pest inspection company on the Gold Coast because the average person’s not really able to tell the difference between earth worn dirt and the scraps left behind by termites. This is because they look very similar to those who are untrained. The majority of people do not notice the odd pest around a property until they become a real problem.

A licenced pest inspector will make a thorough inspection of the property hunting for any sign of wood boring invaders such as termites, cockroaches, ants and a host of other pests.

They will look for evidence of any damage or signs that pests have been there or if there is dry rot or other damage that could potentially allow pests to enter the property.

Armed with an array of detecting gear such as lights, cameras and probing devices, they will poke around inside, under the building checking foundations, bearers, floor joists and rafters in the ceiling as well as around windows, in cupboards anywhere else pests could be hiding.

Once the inspection is finished, they will make a full report with any recommendations they consider are necessary for further tests in areas they were unable to access or to address issues they have found. This will include any areas that have suffered from the affect of pests that need attention or repairs

Modern Methods are very effective

Some of the early methods of treating pests involved very harsh chemicals. Often a house would be enclosed in a huge tent and toxic chemical would be pumped into the building and all around it. This would require the resident to vacate the property for a period of time, often a few days until the chemical had dissipated or reduced to supposed safe levels.

Those days are mostly gone now, with the types of chemicals being used by most pest companies on the Gold Coast being far safer for humans although devastating to the targeted pests.

Pest inspections on the Gold Coast are very effective in finding any pests that may be present. They will address important issues such as areas that contain pests, the different varieties of pests if any that are discovered and the extent of any pest issues so they can be dealt with in the most appropriate ways.