If you live on The Gold coast of Queensland, you are well aware that there is a hidden pest that is slowly taking back the land it once owned. It’s first topic of conversation at almost every new home impaction and they are every homeowner’s darkest nightmare. The dreaded termite is the scourge of The Gold Coast but never fear with Top Dog Pest Control and their expert termite treatment you won’t have to worry about termites any longer.

Now everyone knows that termites love to eat through wood and can cause terrible structural damage to your home if you aren’t vigilant. But with the right advice and an annual termite inspection you can keep these pesky pests out of your house. There are several ways that Top Dog Pest control can treat termites and below we will discus why having a termite treatment on The Gold Coast will keep your property safe.

Termites find a way  

Termites are stubborn little pests who tend to find a way to get to their source of food whether that be a dead tree on the forest floor or your house. They will dig up to two feet below the surface and through sheer weight of numbers they can devour anything in their path in quick time. Searching for water and wood they will stop at nothing until their hunger is filled, unfortunately that is almost never.

Termite Treatments

  • Chemical Barrier – If you want to ensure that your home is protected from termites, make sure the outside of your property has been coated with a chemical barrier. Not only will it stop these pests from entering but when they do cross over this invisible line and encounter the toxic liquid, they then carry it back into their colony where all others are killed off as well! The substance poses no threat whatsoever for humans or any other animals so there’s nothing to worry about while using this product – just peace of mind knowing not one last pesky bug can get inside.
  • Physical Barriers – For those looking to build a new home, there are some incredibly important decisions that need to be made in order for the building process to run smoothly. One of these is deciding on whether or not you want an artificial plastic termite barrier laid on the foundations of your property. This will keep pesky critters from infiltrating any part of your ground and foundation area.
  • Baiting Systems – Termites can be a major issue for homeowners across the Gold Coast, but thankfully there are some simple ways to keep them at bay. One option is installing baiting systems around your property with wood that attracts termites and stops any attacking from happening on your home as well by infecting their colony in a similar way to chemical treatment. Baiting Systems require constant monitoring which may prove expensive depending on what you’re looking for out of it; speak to Top Dog Pest Control about termite treatments on the Gold Coast if this sounds like something worth exploring!

The key to keeping termites away from your house is by termite treatments, there is very little doubt that a yearly inspection the qualified and expert team at Top Dog Pest Control will ensure that your home grows old with you.