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A local Gold Coast business with a desire to help. At Top Dog Pest Control, we aim to provide the highest quality Pest Control with good old fashion service. Our number one goal is to make each and every one of our clients – a client for life!

We can provide Pest Control solutions to suit almost any situation. Whether you require help with Cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents or even termites, we have the experience and solutions to take them out! No job is too big or too small for Top Dog Pest Control. Call today for a free quote.

  • General pest control
  • Move out / exit treatments for rental properties
  • Severe pest infestations
  • Pest control advice
  • Termite inspections
  • Termite treatments and protection systems

We understand that when running a business, you can’t afford distractions like a pest infestation. They can disrupt productivity, staff, and even clients. That’s where Top Dog Pest Control steps in. We’ve seen it all before and know how to handle it. We specialise in providing safe, targeted treatments without affecting your businesses productivity.

With extensive experience in commercial pest control, our technicians possess a vast array of knowledge when it comes to providing our clients with targeted and safe solutions to their pest problems.

  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants / Cafes
Whether its cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spiders, fleas, crickets or bed bugs – crawling insects are no match for our professional pest control services. We use integrated pest control techniques to ensure that all crawling insects that may be residing in your home are treated with the most efficient and target treatment whilst ensuring the least amount of disruption to your household as possible.
Flying insects can be annoying at best, and in some cases extremely painful. On the Gold Coast we are constantly dealing with stinging and biting flying insects in and around commercial and residential properties. Even in those hard to reach areas, we have the experience and equipment for any sized job. No job is too big or small for Top Dog Pest Control.
  • Flies
  • Mosquitos
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Bees
Rats and mice are always learning and evolving making it harder and harder to treat them properly. Their rapid breeding cycle and adaptable nature can mean that achieving a successful treatment is reliant on having the right experience, tools and techniques. At Top Dog Pest Control, we have vast amounts of experience in treating rodents of all kinds at a commercial level. If you’re hearing noises in the roof at night, or finding droppings around your business, give us a call today!
Termites are a very big problem here on the Gold Coast, and indeed throughout SE Queensland. If given the chance, they can access your home and cause serious damage, often costing the home owner dearly in repairs. To avoid extensive damage to your home or business, frequent timber pest inspections are strongly recommended. Call us today for a free quote!

INSPECTIONS – Complete inspection to your home or business for the presence of timber pests

TERMITE TREATMENTS – Localised treatments for the eradication of termites from the home

TERMITE BARRIERS – Chemical barriers around the property to protect against termite attacks

MONITORING & BAITING SYSTEMS – Complete monitoring and baiting systems designed to protect the home from termite attacks.

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Felicity Quadri

Top Dog Pest Control wasn't the first place we called but Greg called us back straight away (we didn't even hear back from the other two places for a couple of days!). We were glad we got a callback so quickly as Greg was able to fit us in sooner than expected and we have now discovered that my parent's have a major bug infestation that if we left it for much longer could cause some serious damage...and money...to fix. Greg took the time to explain in layman's terms to my elderly parents what was required and what they can do to prevent this happening again. Good old fashioned genuinely friendly service like this is hard to come by these days so I wanted to say thanks! We also love his cute pups that came with him!

Raylee Croft

I found some new dimpling in my wall after some rain and it felt damp to touch. I wasn't sure if I had a problem or not but just in case I rang Top Dog for some advice. Greg said not to touch it in case I disturbed something which could make it worse. Greg came over in less than 24 hours and I'm so glad I rang! He found termites in several different walls throughout my house. He even showed me them through a thermal camera which was pretty impressive. Greg was professional and thorough. He explained everything while he was doing it, showed me how they were getting in and why they were attracted to those areas. Greg really gives you complete confidence in a scary situation without the fear of being ripped off! (And OMG Bailey and Bella the 2 'Top Dogs' are just gorgeous! 😍🐶)

Michael Greene

Greg came and completed my pest inspection prior to buying my first home. The level of professionalism and advice was second to none. He thoroughly checked my house for all pests (especially termites) with infrared technology and other devises (which i have no idea about).

I received Greg's information from a good friend and gave him a go and he did not disappoint. I would recommend him to anyone needing Pest advice and will definitely be using him in do complete our routine checks.

There’s nothing worse than being bugged by pest in your property. In addition to being an annoyance, they can pose a serious threat to your health and home. Mice and roaches carry diseases and termites can eat several pounds of wood from the structure of your home.

Top Dog Pest Control Company is here to help. As the leading pest controllers and termite treatment company in the Nerang, we assist with everything from pre-purchase pest inspections for potential homeowners to the removal and treatment of common pest such as spiders, fleas, cockroaches and more from your property.

With over a decade of experience, Top Dog has built a reputation for delivering quality customer service at an affordable price. We have serviced thousands of customers and are well known for prompt yet thorough service. Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide solutions to protect every property and give you a peace of mind knowing that we got the job done right.

Call us for help with:

  • Termite detection
  • Termite control
  • Termite treatment
  • Pre-homebuy pest inspections

Unlike some Hope Island pest control companies in the area, our team of dedicated experts thoroughly inspect every inch of your property to ensure proper removal of all the pests that are accounted for. We’ll search your home, the property lines, and the roof cavity, leaving no stone unturned on our quest. If we detect pests, we’ll alert you and take immediate action if you so desire.

We offer several prevention and treatment products for homeowners to choose from. Additionally, our termite control service provides on-going periodic treatments that ensure the insects do not come back to haunt you after we leave.

Call Us today to protect your home from pests and termites this summer.

More information about common pests:

On the surface, the flea may seem like a humble creature, something that imaginary circuses are made of and cartoon dogs scratch at profusely. But the reality of the flea can actually be quite upsetting and difficult to deal with. Fortunately, termite treatment services aren’t all that pest controllers are good for; they can help you to get rid of these ankle biting little pests as well.

Determining if Your Pet or Home has Fleas

A flea is a tiny little bug, a fraction the size of termites, about the size of the tip of a pencil. Fleas live on furry animals and bite them to feed on their blood. Fleas can jump insanely high; a human sized flea could jump over a skyscraper. These bouncy little vampires can drive your dog or cat crazy by biting them and leaving little itchy bumps. These bites are usually not dangerous, but they are as annoying to your pet as a mosquito bite, and the itch can cause your animal to lick and bite hairless spots into their fur and sores on their skin.

In addition, when your pet gets fleas those fleas eventually lay eggs. Do you know where? Oh, not usually on your pet, but instead, in your carpeting and furniture. Before you know it, your house is infested, and when that happens it is extremely difficult and time consuming to stop the invasion.

How can you tell if you have fleas on your pet or in your home? First, watch your pet for signs of scratching. If your pet is scratching or biting more than usual then fleas are a possibility. Check your animal carefully, searching their fur for fleas and flea dirt (read: flea feces). This flea dirt looks like coffee grounds, but if you put it into water it melts and turns red because it is mostly made of blood.

A flea comb can be a great way to check your pet for fleas. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Comb around the base of the neck and the base of the tail, as these are areas where fleas love to hang out. If you find just a few fleas then you may have time to treat just your pet with a flea killer and preventative. If you find more than 8-10 fleas then you may have a more serious problem and you’ll want to have a pest control expert come out and take a look.

The Danger of the Flea

For the most part, fleas are an annoyance. However, they can occasionally transfer diseases from animal to animal, and perhaps even from animal to human. More often, though, they simply cause itching, and in the case of allergy, dermatitis and rashes. But make no mistake, a home invested by fleas is unpleasant to live in, to say the least. When things get bad you can see them hopping all over the place. Why? Because, as noted above, they lay their eggs in your carpet and other fabrics. And those eggs can sit for months, just waiting to hatch.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Ten Pounds of Cure

You probably know that termite treatment and control can be challenging and time consuming. The fact is that flea control, once they are established, is almost as bad. We mentioned above that flea eggs can wait, ever so patiently, for the right time to hatch. The fact is, they can wait months. Say that your pet has fleas and you believe your house is infested. But you think to yourself that you are going away to spend the summer abroad, so surely by the time you return the fleas will have died for lack of food.


The flea eggs will lay dormant while your house is empty. Then, when you return, the little fleas in waiting can actually sense the vibration when an animal walks by. They will then hatch, jump back onto you or your pet, and start the cycle all over again.

Certainly, fleas are a great illustration of the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is much easier to prevent fleas, by using a renowned and safe flea preventative on your pet, than it is to get rid of them. If you are flea combing your pet, know that a healthy flea is hard to catch. Before you begin combing get a small cup of water and put a little dish soap in it. As your comb picks up a flea grab it quickly between your fingers and submerge it in the water. The soap will make the flea sink and it will drown. Fleas are hard shelled, so you can squish them. Some people pop them with a fingernail, but that’s just gross. Get a cup of soapy water and keep it all less creepy.

Getting Rid of Fleas Once and for All

Now let’s say that you did not do your prevention. Either you didn’t know that you had to, or you simply forgot, but now your pet and your home have fleas. What do you do? There are actually three steps, and you must do all three:

1) Call your vet and get flea preventative to put on your pet. Also ask your vet if she recommends an instant flea killer, like Capstar, which will instantly kill every hatched flea living on your pet.

2) Call an exterminator to treat your home. The person who does your termite detection or handles rats will deal with fleas as well. The pest control expert will do a treatment inside your home, and if your pet goes outside, they should do the pest control services outside as well. This treatment will kill all hatched fleas. However, it may not kill flea eggs. In two weeks have the pest expert come back and do another treatment to kill those hatchlings. If your infestation is severe then you may have to have a third treatment done in another two weeks.

3) Keep up on your flea treatment by giving your pet their flea medication on schedule, every month.

Fleas are rugged little beasts that are challenging to keep off your pet. But with a little well-timed treatment you can get your house flea free, and keep it that way, permanently. When problems do arise just call your pest control business and they will send those little hard-shelled ankle biters packing! While they are there, have your pest control company do termite inspections as well, or ask them about those pesky rats you’ve been seeing in the garden. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

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