In 2018, Queensland’s workplace health and safety regulations are becoming more and more stringent. On most property inspections, building and pest inspectors are now unable to get onto roofs without harness systems and/or erecting scaffolding. Unfortunately, limited access to roofs and specific areas of a property can therefore pose a number of potential unflagged issues for home and business owners, or those about to purchase their next property. These may include;

    • Cracked roof tiles.
    • Rusted and/or damaged colourbond roof.
    • Blocked and/or rusted gutters and flashing.
    • Damaged gable linings and cladding
    • Dirty and/or damaged solar panels.
    • Valleys of the roof that are covered in debris.

    In today’s technology driven world, the expert use of drones during our pest inspections allows Top Dog Pest Control the unique opportunity to provide our clients with aerial footage of all external aspects of their property including roofing – ensuring absolute peace of mind that their property does not have any ‘hidden’ concerns.



    When conducting our comprehensive pest inspections, Top Dog Pest Control’s utilisation of drones offers incredible advantages for our customers. Advantages include:

    • Visual access of the property, of angles and elevations that cannot be viably reached by our inspectors due to health and safety risks;
    • Access to video footage and photographs thoroughly documenting building and roofing conditions that may not be identified during a standard inspection e.g. Broken tiles, termite activity, water intrusion, sealant issues, etc.
    • Lessens the need to walk on roofs and areas that may be unsafe for our inspectors, or could lead to damage of materials such as slate or roofing tiles.


    The drone goes where the inspectors can’t safely go. 
    A standard inspection will tell you half the story, from the inside – Top Dog Pest Control will tell you the rest of the story, from the outside!


    Highly qualified and experienced in utilising high quality RC technology, Top Dog Pest Control offers the following drone services:
    General drone inspections – specially targeting hard to access areas of your property, and providing visual evidence of any potential concerns such as damage to roof, cladding issues, water leaks or termite activity.

    Pre-purchase building and pest inspections – includes targeted drone footage of hard to access areas that may be of concern, prior to purchasing a property.
    Aerial photography – providing high quality, aerial imagery of your property, perfect for selling your home or as a keepsake after purchasing your new property.

    Top Dog Pest Control is CASA certified and fully insured to conduct drone inspections over your property. Signage will be displayed on site during your inspection to ensure peace of mind for your local neighbours. ARN 1046002.