Most pests work with the seasons, they are always looking for a nice place to be sheltered from the weather with a nice dependable food and water supply. This makes our homes very attractive to them. Often your best line of defense is in seeking help from building and pest inspection companies on the Gold Coast. They will advise you of the precautions you need to take and if you are all ready being invaded by pests remove them.

Seasonal weather patterns can have a major effect on pests as they usually influenced by the seasons

Winter Hibernation

This is not so much of an issue in the warmer climate on the Gold Coast, but when the cold weather starts many pests start looking for somewhere that will provide them shelter or they migrate to warmer climates and this is when some pests arrive from down south.

Wasps and bees tend to find shelter in trees, old logs or under the eves in buildings, while ants find shelter in their nests.

This is the time of year when rats and mice are looking for warmer accommodation, so try to find it in your home. So it’s a good idea to check your building and remove any potential entry points.

Spring a time of awakening and reproducing

When the weather starts to warm up and the flowers are again blossoming many insects and rodents become more active and start to breed. Termites swam at this time of year, so you need to be vigilant, other ants are looking for high ground because of flooding.

Some pests will prefer the outdoors at this time, but others will be looking to build a nest.

If you notice any abnormal insect or other pest signs and behavior, then it’s time to call the building and pest inspection companies on the Gold Coast

Unfortunately, often you never see most pests until it’s too late and you have a problem, the best and most cost effective way to deal with them is to have a regular pest inspection.

Some insects hibernate as adults while others lay their eggs, nymphs and larvae to keep hidden in a warm place to emerge when the time is right. They can be hidden underground, piles of leaves, some even hiding in your home and others under water.

Insects are like snakes and other reptiles, they have cold blood so they are affected more than mammals by the weather.

Most insects have a built in antifreeze system to protect them during the cooler months, but this doesn’t allow them to move around, they just remain still until the temperature rises and they warm to their operating temperature again

The Best Defense

The best defense against pests is to make sure there is no food or moisture around for them and to eliminate any easy entry points in all seasons, but especially at the start and end of the cool and wet seasons.

All pests are affected by the weather, most do not like the cool months and long dry spells as well as the wet season, which can cause them to look to your home as an easy place to find food and shelter. So keep it clean and tidy.