A pre-sale building and pest inspection is undertaken by the vendor or listing real estate agent, prior to the property going on the market.

Why are pre-sale inspections so important?

Knowing that the majority of buyers in 2018 will be conducting a pre-purchase building and pest inspection prior to purchasing their property, we are seeing more and more vendors actually going ahead and conducting a pre-sale inspection prior to listing their property on the market.

What is included in a Pre-sale inspection?

During a pre-sale inspection, Top Dog Pest Control is able to come into your property and provide you with a detailed report on any defects or issues with the property, that may actually appear within the pre-purchase inspection once under contract. Once the vendor has the detailed report, they then have the opportunity to proactively rectify and fix any of these issues prior to going on the market.

What are the benefits of Pre-sale inspections?

It is very difficult to find a buyer that is going to pay that premium price for your property if their pre-purchase inspection report comes back with numerous issues or problems with the property. As a vendor, you will be spending money on marketing your property and opening up your house regularly for open homes; therefore you just want to ensure your sale goes through as smoothly as possible. By enlisting Top Dog Pest Control for your pre-sale inspection, we will really be able to aid you in this process.

How much do pre-sale inspections generally cost a seller?

The cost will be dependent on the size of your property but generally range from $450 – $500. This includes a detailed building and pest report upon completion.

When you’re talking about a sale potentially falling over, a pre-sale inspection can help you move head with confidence.