This month, Top Dog Pest Control performed a very interesting and challenging termite control service at a cottage in Beechmont. Our client Mack had Coptotermes coming into his property, through fourteen different access points. With termites, ninety nine per cent of the time, you normally either have one or two access points where the termites have found a gap in the protection of the property, or they have found a crack in the slab, or a gap in a pipe and they pour in from the one access point. With Mack’s place, unfortunately because he is up at Beechmont and he has a small timber cottage in the bush, they had fourteen different access points, all around the slab.

Challenging Pest Control Treatment

So that is a challenge in itself, if there is just one access point you can locate this point and stop them from coming in with a direct treatment – and maybe wipe out the nest. With fourteen access points, if you upset them in some of the access points, they can come back with others. Also a nest, capable of having fourteen different access points into a property, must be a pretty sizable nest.

So the solution that we came up with for this particular property was, instead of doing a chemical treatment, or a direct treatment, we ended up applying above ground bait stations. By using above ground stations, we used a food replacement, with cellulose bait which was actually laced with a growth regulator. So they did not know that they were being treated while they were consuming the bait. Treating termites this way means that it doesn’t matter if all fourteen of the access points were not feeding on the bait. As it’s a growth regulator, the termites stay alive long enough to distribute that bait and that food throughout their entire colony – meaning that the colony will be affected after about a month or two depending on when the termites have their shed day or when the growth regulator kicks in. So, by baiting them, the treatment is very non-invasive and non-toxic, and is a safe and healthy way to remove the termites. After a successfully baiting program we can then move on to termite protection to ensure it does not happen again.

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