Termites are a very big problem here on the Gold Coast, and indeed throughout SE Queensland. Termites feed on timber and, if left undiscovered or untreated, can end up costing you dearly on repairing the extensive damage to your home or business.

If you suspect there may be termites in your home, or you’d rather be safe than sorry, termite inspections are a very wise investment. Regular inspections of your property is essential for early detection of termite activity and are the best way to prevent the potential for large scale infestations.

Our Pest Control technicians use the latest technology and equipment when conducting your termite inspection and, if we discover any termite activity, we will inform you immediately. We work with you to provide a termite treatment plan and take a very hands on approach to any termite problem. We will explain the what, how, when and why to ensure that you know exactly what is happening with your home and any treatments required.

To find out what’s involved in a Gold Coast termite inspection, call us today and speak with a licensed technician.