There are many things that you, as a home owner can do to protect your home from termites and deter termite activity on your property.

First of all, the number one termite prevention tip is to get a termite preventative system around your property. This can be in the form of a reticulation system, a monitoring and baiting system or a complete and continuous chemical barrier. If you live in South East Queensland you are in the termite hot spot of Australia. It is a beautiful place to live – and the termites think so too! The reason this is, is not because they like beaches and theme parks, it is because we have the right amount of humidity, the right amount of rainfall and the right temperature ranges – these all highly encourage termite breeding and their feeding on a regular basis. Termites thrive in this region due to the warmer, summer months lasting up to nine months of the year!

The other, necessary strategies you can do to prevent termites is to make your home less attractive to termite activity. This can involve things like removing any timber stumps from the property, dead trees or decaying timber, and any garden edging or timber stakes in the soil. Also ensure that you fix any water leaks from dripping taps, irrigation, pipes or plumbing – or anything that will cause high levels of moisture to remain in soil long term. You also do not want any drainage issues, if you have water pooling in particular areas, or if you have leaking down pipes or blocked drains. Moisture attracts termites equally as much as decaying timber does in the soil.

These are the sort of things that you can around home to decrease the likelihood of termite activity. By actioning all of these tips, coupled with a professionally installed termite management system, your risk of a termite infestation and consequently termite damage will decrease dramatically.