Outdoor Termite inspection



Can pesticides used in general pest control be detrimental to human health? If used incorrectly, yes. At Top Dog Pest Control however, we implement a safe pest management solution which integrates our Pest Control services into your home or business, causing no harm to you, your family or your pet’s health. Rather than spraying pesticides in every room of your house, we use pest management solutions, which utilise gels accordingly, and only spray in high traffic areas using responsible spraying methods and equipment. Unlike many cheap pest control companies on the Gold Coast, this solution allows you to stay at the property whilst we treat, therefore not disrupting your routine, and it is much safer for your family and pet’s health.

There is little benefit to spraying the rooms in which cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spiders and rats do not travel. If a cockroach comes into your house, it is going to go right underneath the kickboard, the fridge and behind the dishwasher. These are places where the chemical needs to be applied directly, and strongly, to make sure that when a cockroach or insect comes inside, they are not able to move into these harbourages and breed. In all situations, Top Dog Pest Control’s pesticides are used safely and responsibly, and are hidden where possible or where humans and pets cannot easily access.

When servicing Gold Coast homes and businesses, we will conduct a full external Pest Control service with sprays – treating gardens, external walls, gutters, eaves, paths and patios. Internally, we target specific areas and mainly use dust sprays, which minimise airborne chemicals. We treat underneath the kickboards, behind the fridge and dishwasher; we move the appliances and go in behind the oven. In bathrooms, we go down the drains, around the skirting and window frames. We fumigate the roof void, because this is not inhabited by humans or pets, and fumigate the wall voids as this is where cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats and termites come in and breed. Top Dog Pest Control provides a safe and completely integrated pest control service which means 15 minutes after we have been in your property, you would never know we were there in the first place!

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