Cockroaches can quickly infest your home. People living in more humid area’s like the Gold Coast, are more likely to be inundated with cockroach infestations as they love the warm weather. Cockroaches breed and thrive in warm, damp areas and multiply very quickly.

German cockroaches have a growth cycle of just 1 month and with each egg hatching 40 babies, you’re up for some fun times if you don’t get onto the problem quick smart.

Cockroach homes and nests

If you’re looking for your cockroach breeding ground, start your search in areas that are damp and warm. There are at least five breeds of cockroaches in Australia and they can enter your home through vents, gaps in walls or floors, or with your packaged items or foodstuffs. You’ll find them in kitchens, laundries, basements, and bathrooms, behind sinks, fridges, and dishwashers, around the microwave or oven, and even in nearby drawers that are warm.

Have a fish tank? Be sure to check the surrounding area also. German cockroaches have been known to short circuit electrical appliances, especially dishwashers. Don’t assume this will be covered in your product warranty either…it won’t!

Leaky taps and messy scraps

All those crumbs and scraps lying around? Either clean them up or be prepared for a cockroach invasion. They love rubbish and food scraps, as well as anywhere there is a water source – taps, shower recesses, sinks and fish tanks.

Reduce your risk by practising good food storage and hygiene, storing packets of food away from a water source and blocking any access to potential hiding places. Keep drawers and cupboard doors closed and block up any gaps in the floor.

When you’ve got a proper cockroach infestation, bring in the expertise of a qualified Gold Coast pest control company like Top Dog Pest Control to handle the situation. They can locate and destroy cockroach headquarters and work with you to establish a thorough cockroach management plan.


If you need to find quality reliable Gold Coast pest control call Top Dog Pest Control today.

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