Welcome David Macgugan aka “Jimmy” to the Top Dog Pest Control team! David is one of the Gold Coast’s best pest technicians due to his wealth of knowledge in the industry and always friendly and approachable customer service. He has extensive experience across all areas of pest control including termite inspections and building and pest inspections. We are very excited to have David on board with the ever-growing Top Dog Pest Control team!

Nickname: Dave or Jimmy

Why did you decide to join the Top Dog team?

Greg’s focus on ensuring the job is done properly with the best products available combined with fair pricing was a major reason why I joined the team. While many of our competitors have so much focus on gaining as much as possible from the customer, Top Dog Pest Control’s focus is based on providing a great service and retaining that customer for life simply by giving honest advice. That is the attitude I respect and wanted to be a part of and help maintain.
Briefly describe what you do all day:
In a nutshell, my job involves treating domestic and commercial premises for insects and rodents that can commonly find their way indoors. The other major aspect is providing advice for people on how to limit the risk of their house becoming under attack from termites as well as dealing with the eradication of them once that has happened.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I like that I’m always somewhere new. It’s a job that has a variety of tasks and different situations which involves being both indoors and outdoors. It can also be very rewarding to help save a house from destruction!

What’s the best thing about Top Dog Pest Control?

Their professionalism. The business is well organised to deal with a variety of situations and has all the necessary equipment to ensure services are performed correctly. Top Dog Pest Control also looks to keep up to date with all the latest products to ensure the client receives the best service possible.

What do you like to do when you’re not “in the office”?

I like to keep pretty active during my free time. These days its golf and boating but also my two-year-old border collie keeps me pretty busy, I’ve become pretty competent with the ball thrower that’s for sure! You’ll often find me down at Palm Beach with her running amuck.

What are some words of advice for others starting out in your profession?

Find a good mentor in the industry and learn as much as you can. Start with gaining a good understanding of general pest work, then once you have a decent grasp on that and about the industry in general, move on to learning about the termite side of things. Too often we see new people in the industry go out and do a quick course then get themselves into situations they haven’t yet had the experience to properly deal with. Like anything, start with the basics and work your way up.