There are now a huge number of DIY Pest Control products available. You can find it easy from your local hardware supply stores. These products can be a tempting option for consumers looking to save a few dollars. In some situations, the DIY method is perfectly acceptable and effective option. Find below when DIY is an option and when you need a professional pest control service.

A few ants or flies are probably not going to need a visit from the exterminator, but for more persistent pests you really need a professional to inspect and determine the best plan for treatment. An experienced exterminator has the knowledge needed to quickly and effectively identify and treat your pest problem.

They use professional grade products which are more effective in treating larger infestations than their DIY counterparts. Although the initial expenditure is higher you will fix the problem in one go rather than repeat treatments. Because many pests present serious health and property risks, larger pest infestation should be left to the professionals to treat, sooner rather than later.

DIY Suggestions

For the minor pest issues here are a few things you can do to deter the creepy crawlies.

  • For Mosquitos: ensure there are no pools of stagnant water around your home, this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, install flyscreens on your doors and windows as a barrier and use citronella candles in your alfresco areas.
  • For Flies: Fly Screens are essential, peppermint essential oil and potpourri are also fantastic deterrents for flies For Rodents: Find and cover possible entry points, ensure there are no food sources and keep your home clean. These are all simple and effective steps you can take at home to deter minor pests.

IMPORTANT: DIY Termites Treatment

For a termites treatment, make sure that you understand the risks. Termite removal solutions are a cost-effective way to secure the structure and safety of your property. Find more important and high-quality information on the post 5 Signs of Termites Infestation and on the page Termites Inspection.

A Professional Pest Control Service

In some cases, a professional pest control service is inevitable to protect your family and your property. A well trained and experienced team will provide you with a full warranty.

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