When you think Summer you think barbecues, swimming in the pool, and weekend beach trips. Unfortunately, summer also means that insects and bugs come out hibernation and are in full force, appearing in all corners of our homes. No one enjoys dealing with ants taking over in the kitchen, spiders crawling in through the windows or wasps in the garage. Not to worry there are ways to keep the bugs to a minimum. Check out these five tips to bug proof your home this Summer.

1 – Seal the Gaps and Cracks

It seems simple enough but you’d be surprised at how many secret entrances these critters will find into your home. Look behind the appliances and furniture for any cracks in the wall and seal them up. Aside from that your doors and windows will be the biggest problems. Consider using a  threshold or door sweep under your front door, this will stop bugs from crawling under. Check your fly screens for tears and add weather sealing along the edges and the frames.

2 – Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Insects usually enter homes in search of food, so make sure keep food stored in sealed containers, dispose of food rubbish and clean crumbs in the kitchen area. Stop crumbs in the carpet by keeping eating in the kitchen and dining areas. Even after food has been thrown away, the smells will still attract bugs, so make sure the lids on your rubbish bins. And although food is the main attraction for bugs, it definitely isn’t the only drawcard. Untidy homes provide bugs with plenty of hiding spaces, and cockroaches have even been found to be attracted to the smell of paper.

3 – Keep your Garden Neat

Keep trees and bushes trimmed back and ensure they don’t touch the home. When branches and trees come in direct contact with the home you are providing an easy path for pests to get into your house. The same thing goes for the base of your home. Consider using making a barrier between any mulched areas where pests may live and the foundation of the house to reduce the likelihood of pests entering the home.

4 – Minimize Moisture

Most people know that food attracts bugs but forget that water can attract the bugs just as much. To a bug, damp environments mean not only drinking water but also breeding grounds – especially for mosquitoes. Keep your gutters are clear and check water drains appropriately away from the house to reduce the appeal to invaders, ants or wood damage from termites.

5 – Call in the Professionals

Even if you follow all of these steps to the letter, no home can be made completely bug proof. When your home is infested by pests, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals, especially when dealing with stubborn pests such as termites or an ant infestation. Pest controllers have the right tools and knowledge to treat infestations, and professional pest control is the best way to leave your home as bug-free as possible.

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