Ants in your home can be a real pain and many homes will experience an ant invasion especially as temperatures are rising. These crawling insects are persistently in their search for any source of food – especially sticky and sweet evidence left behind on the kitchen bench.

A lot of us will try home remedies and DIY solutions, some being more effective than others and bearing in mind for a serious infestation you need a professional to treat to stop re infestation.

That said here are a few tried and true natural remedies for deterring these pests;


It is though that ants don’t like the smell of cinnamon!

This home remedy involves using a good quality cinnamon essential oil not the powder or sticks. Soaking a cotton ball in a solution of cinnamon essential oil diluted with water, wiping down affected areas (such as doors and windows) is often an effective DIY ant control option.



Vinegar is a diy staple and is also used is treatment of ants.

To use vinegar as a home remedy for ants, fill a spray bottle with a mix of vinegar and water and spray  over common hotspots and places where food is kept, such as cupboards, kitchen benches and shelves.

Does it work in deterring ants?

It will deter ants but it’s not a long term fix. It is thought that the vinegar smell masks an ant’s scent trail, and stops it from finding its food source. Once the vinegar has evaporated it’s no longer effective, it also will not treat existing infestations inside your home.


Just like vinegar, lemon is often used for insects including ants. The acidic nature of lemon juice is believed to mask an ant’s trail and deter them from reaching the food source.

To use simply rub lemon juice around door frames, window sills and other common entry points.

Is lemon a successful home remedy for ants?

Again like vinegar, lemon juice will work as a deterrent for a  very short period of time.

The best thing you can do to deter infestations is to put prevention practices in place, most of this is common sense

  • Clean up all food and liquid spillages
  • Sweep floors regularly to get rid of food debris
  • Store food in airtight containers or Glass jars with tight lids
  • Sealing up cracks and crevices around your home


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