There is nothing more annoying than finding a colony of ants have taken up residence in your kitchen. While there are definitely more harmful pests, ants are particularly pesty  — especially when they’re in close proximity to where you store, prepare, and eat your food. They have a way of getting into everything – your food containers, pantry, and you need to be extra vigilant when cleaning up after food preparation as all it takes is one crumb left behind and one ant quickly becomes a whole colony. If you find yourself overrun by ants in your home, try some of these simple (and effective!) ways to keep them away.

Draw a Chalk Line

If you have a door from your kitchen leading directly to the outside of your home, this could be a potential entry point for ants. To stop them coming inside, draw a chalk line on the ground on the exterior side of the door. Ants dislike calcium carbonate, so it’s an excellent repellent and they won’t go over the line and into your kitchen.

Sprinkle Flour or Cinnamon

In the same way ants dislike chalk, ants are also repelled by flour and cinnamon, and these are great chemical-free alternatives if you don’t want to avoid the use of chemicals in and around your kitchen. This method is on the messy side, sprinkling some flour or cinnamon in and around your pantry, and even along your windowsills, can help deter ants from eating the rest of your pantry goods.

Use Citrus

Repel ants and make your home smell lemony fresh! By utilizing the power of citrus fruits like lemons, you can deter ants naturally. Lemon juice is especially effective when used around windows and doors, and a quick squeeze on the thresholds and window sills can prevent ants from making their inside. You can also put a couple of lemon peels outside your kitchen door to prevent them from coming in.

Keep in mind these methods are a preventative, for severe ant infestations you will need the help of professional pest control – Call Top Dog on 1800 737 836