There are two types of termite barriers used on Gold Coast homes, the physical barrier and the more common chemical barriers. The reason chemical termite barriers are used more is they are not meant as a deterrent to repel or stop termites; rather they are designed to kill termites and eradicate their nests.

.The top benefits of having a termite barrier around your Gold Coast homes are:

  • They protect your home from a termite attack

Termites like to have a safe, warm shelter with plenty of food and water and our homes often provide the ideal conditions for them. Having a termite barrier installed is the fastest and most efficient way of eradicating termites because they provide a chemically treated zone all around your buildings and foundations that completely disrupt the termites. Any termite that touches the chemicals will take them back to the nest or colony and infect others. In this way, the termite barrier effectively eliminates all termites on your property.

Your home is usually your main investment and whether you have just got it or been living there for years, the last thing any wants is their home eaten around them. This can happen without you being aware of it, making a termite barrier vital protection.

You’re Protected

Insurance companies specifically exclude termite damage in most home and property covers because a termite attack can be so devastating and expensive to recover from. In many cases, homes are rendered unsafe with a repair bill so high that the best option is demolition and starting again.

With termite barrier protecting your Gold Coast homes, you can relax in the knowledge that your valuable asset is safe and protected from these destructive pests. Most reputable pest control companies recommend an annual inspection to make sure you do not have any issues.

Before a termite barrier is installed a complete inspection is made to determine if any termites are present and to make sure they are destroyed. Then a trench around the perimeter of the building is dug that exposes the foundations. A chemical treatment is performed and then the trench is filled with treated soil leaving a long lasting (up to eight years) barrier.

In some instances an optional system of pipe work is installed so the area can easily be retreated on a regular basis. This can represent a considerable saving in the long term and is recognized as a valuable home improvement in the event you wish to sell the property in the future

Increase your home’s value with a termite barrier

Almost every home buyer now requires a building report and a certified termite inspection.

When you have a termite barrier installed on your Gold Coast property as well as annual backup inspections all your prospective buyers can see at a glance that your home has been properly protected so they are much more likely to be interested as no one likes the idea of buying someone else problems.

Termite barriers on the Gold Coast are a vital part of life, their benefits include keeping your home safe from these destructive pests that can destroy your buildings from within without you knowing and maintain your properties value over the long term and making selling easier.